Should the Police have "guns"/

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Punch, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. Well perhaps they should have - and then they could form themselves into Gun Teams to compete with the Royal Artillery at the new Royal Tournament!
    This was the question posed to the general public in a telephone poll conducted by the BBC just this, Sunday, morning. The result was a 60% No and of course 40% for Yes there being no "don't know" or other qualification.

    Apart from the fact that (thankfully) few people in this country will ever really find themselves in the frigntening position of suddenly becoming aware that their next move could be their last as they confront some maniac or terrorist carrying a lethal weapon, the question was superficial in the extreme.

    Firstly it was asked at a time of high emotion when people of a small English town found themselves going about their business alongside men and women who did not resemble any police officer they would routinely encounter, even on holiday. The media of course, in presentations not unlike something approaching pantomime, ensured that we all saw this as well.

    Secondly the question in my opinion was not about this at all. Yes of course there will be a need for police teams, specificially equipped, to provide a para-military support to normal policing. There have been such teams since the formal inception of policing in the UK.

    The question is; "Should all our police officers routinely carry side-arms in a visible holster"? (and should all officers have rapid access to heavier weapons, with of course appropriate continuation training and controls)?

    We are told by the "Noes" that this is not what a British police officer does as he/she polices "by the consent of the people". Apart from the fact that those with the opinion of Moat for example do not necessarily give that consent this is rather derogatory towards the many democracies where police officers do regularly carry side-arms.
    Do the police officers of Germany, Belgium, Canada, for example, not have the consent of the people?

    There is the added comment thrown into the mix "but many police officers do not want to have firearms".
    While this is understandable from a personal point of view - it is a heavy responsibility being continually aware of security, safety, and the rules for using it - every applicant to all those forces where weapons are routine knows this when he/she applies to join.

    I have travelled in other countries where police wear side-arms. While I notice this having carried weapons myself many of my companions have only become aware when it is brought to their attention. So much for the public potentially feeling intimidated.

    So my question is; Should all UK police officers in uniform routinely carry sidearms in a visible holster?
  2. No, the ones that need them have them already. Give the entire force guns, and in the first year you'll have more people dead through NDs and drunken twats trying to grab the guns of police in 3am scuffles than you would through normal gun crime.
  3. 10% of the entire countries armed plod had to be deployed to provide cover for regular Northhumberalnd plod who couldn't go out in case Moat and his shotgun hove into view.

    I'm sure NIPS and the Euro police forces are pissing themselves laughing at the utter paralysis one man with a shotgun caused and would have been a non issue if we had a grown up Police force that carried guns as a routine.

    To quote a friend of mine in the States who's a cop… How can British Police expect to enforce the law, or be taken seriously by criminals, when the criminals are better armed than them?
  4. No. We have gun squads for incidents such as the past week.

    Your average Bobby on the Beat armed with a pistol doesn't appeal to me. Accidents happen, its intimidating (Which is contrary to what police are there for) and, quite frankly, its unnecessary.

    If and when police need guns, firearms teams will be there to deal with it.

  5. Your talking utter bollox as usual…

    How come this doesn't happen in Northern Ireland where all Police are armed all the time? When did MoD POl last have an ND or get their gun grabbed off them by a drunker matlot, percy or tom?

  6. Except for the bloke sitting in his car who didn't have any means of deterring Moat from walking up to him and blasting him…

  7. The comparison to Northern Ireland is shit. Aside from N.Ireland having vastly more relaxed gun laws then the rest of the UK, there's the fact that for 30 years it was a warzone in which police were routinely targeted, and that to this day we have scumbags like CIRA/RIRA continuing to do the same. .
  8. Utter rubbish.

    Arm those front line Police that want them.
  9. Your avatar rather undermines that approach!
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    maybe if the drunken twats knew the dibble they were mouthing off to had a gun, they'd wind their necks in and stop acting the gobshite. it's funny how on all these 'stop police!' type shows on the tv the drunk chav types are not nearly so brave in countries where the plod are armed.

  11. First, we don't know exactly what happened. If it was really just a case of Raul wandering up to a police car with a shotgun- don't you think the policeman may have driven off and called for backup? If it was a case of Raul taking him by surprise, then a gun wouldn't have helped him anyway.
  12. That's bollocks. Police are routinely harassed wherever they are from. Mouthing off to police is hardly a uniquely British thing.

    And why would a gun stop police officers receiving abuse anyway? Its not like they are just going to whip out a pistol and slot someone for calling them pig shit or whatever.
  13. I think the best you'd get would be a few 'darwin awards' from the chavs in question. Besides, if you wanted the tightly wound 'yes sir' attitude many abroad give to the police, you'd end up ruining the unique way the British relate to their police force without, IMO, gaining enough in return in terms of officer and public safety.

  14. Crap, NI Police have always been armed and still are. They don't take the Glocks off and stash them in the boot before wading into a drunken pissup outside O'Malleys on a Friday night.

    And 'vastly more relaxed gun laws'? Yeah, right! The ONLY advantage them have over us is that you can still own a handgun for target shooting, and they have to be kept locked up. It's not like the frigging wild west with everyone carrying handguns willy nilly on the streets.
  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    that was a response to your assertion 'you'll have more people dead through NDs and drunken twats trying to grab the guns of police in 3am scuffles than you would through normal gun crime.'

    and in terms of public safety, was the fact that all police were initially pulled **off** the street completely in the Moat incident good for public safety?