Should the Police be routinely armed?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spank_the_monkey, Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. The question of whether British police should be routinely armed has been reignited by the fatal shooting of an officer in Leeds.
    Pc Ian Broadhurst, 34, was killed and his colleague Pc Neil Roper, 45, seriously injured when a man being questioned about a stolen car produced a gun and opened fire.

    Norman Brennan, director of police support group Protect the Protectors, said: "This indiscriminate murder yet again begs the question, when do we fully arm the British police service?"

    Opponents said such a move might not be welcomed in Britain and would mean the introduction of US-style law enforcement.

    Former West Yorkshire chief constable Keith Hellawell said it would be difficult to arm all officers, suggesting instead that the death penalty be reintroduced for those who kill police.

    Both arguments were dismissed by Mark Leech, author of The Prisons Handbook, who said the onus was on police to make sure they handcuffed and searched all suspects.

    Arming the police is the only way to go with the rise in gun crimes, but i doubt it would have helped save the Officer's life in this instant.
  2. i dont see the harm in officers having weapons to use when nessesary in high risk areas but arm officers full time and ull get criminals getting tooled up to be an even match
  3. I have it on good authority that 1 in 2 policemen are armed already in certain parts of the country and have been for some time, the weapon is concealed.
    As you said in this case it may not have helped the officers in question , but I am a believer in arming the police, also in reinstating the death penalty and not just for murdering the police , there lives are no more valuable than the ones they are protecting.
    Any arguments about "death row" like the states being full because of the "appeals" system , change the law it is changed often enough to suit perpetrators (because of bleeding heart liberals and the pc brigade), why not change it to protect the masses and potential victims.
  4. We don't. Not now. not ever.
    Which runs totally contrary to the ethos of our Police Service
    Police Officers are here to serve their communities.

    I've always rated this guy and do believe he was shat on from a great height. But this is just one mans view. I am totally against the re ntroduction of the Death penalty for any reason, ever.
    No doubt with the increase of our links with America and exposure to it's immature attitude of seeking retribution and revenge we will increasingly become comfortable with the possibility of its reintroduction...but the death sentence is appalling and would be a retrograde step for our nation.
    So it wouldn't have helped then.
    (Gunny wunny..I was a policemans wife for 17 years before you ask me to justify my existance yet again :roll: :lol:)
  5. Best bet would be to have them locked in the cars (securely) and to arm themselves when they feel at risk, but as i said in this instant i don't think they felt any high amount of danger/risk. I wouldn't see leeds as a high risk place to be honest...
  6. I know policemen quite often carry them in their pockets, funnily enough! I disagree with the death penalty though...
  7. Blondedick, being a coppers wife does justify your comments because you've been there with him when the shiit has hit the fan, haven't you? Again, from the safety of your armchair you can make comments about leaving the British bobby defenceless with only a big metal stick to defend his or her life against a pistol or shotgun. Well done BD, I'm totally satisfied that all your comments show you in the light that your are, a clueless embarrassment. The name Blondebint really does suit you. When you’ve worn the uniform, put your life on the line without a weapon, then make the comments.
  8. OK BB , I understand your point of view and believes,

    But what does being a policemans wife for 17 years have to do with it , most policemen I (in fact all policemen ) I know want to be fully armed and trained, yes it maybe percieved as a step back, however, what deterents are there now :?:

    whoever did this crime will go to jail at great expense to the taxpayer, be rehabilitated( :? ) at great expense to the taxpayer and propably released after a 3rd of his sentence, where is the justice in that.

    Life in todays modern society is treated with impunity by the criminal element, because they have nothing to fear, they live by the knife or gun and know there is very little that can stop them , except there own stupidity which is how they are caught most times.

    If by reintroducing the death penalty and arming the police so they can do there job properly without fear is a step back in time , then so be it but we have to take the country back from the criminal element and make the streets safe again.
  9. If life meant life it wouldn't be a problem, i would far rather be killed than spend life in prison, i tell you now.
  10. I too know many policemen. Not one of them wants ordinary Bobbys to be routinely armed.
    Just put it to a K9 copper pal of mine..he said
    I am totally against routine arming of Police Officers.
    I am totally against the re introduction of the Death penalty.
  11. K9? Doubt he trusts them with dogs either then...
  12. He did add..
  13. BD, does your friend think that the powers to be would just turn up one day with a big box of guns, and say 'your now an armed police force'? Of course it will take months of training and those deemed not suitable would not be armed (what would happen to then is not up to me). And surely it's better to have a few hundred ******* properly trained on firearms then a few hundred armed criminals?
  14. At some point the government will have to take a decision - and i think that will be to routinely arm the police. The criminal element are out-gunning the police force and they know it. These types of people give no value to human life, whether its a police officer or not and as others have said the courts are on the side of the offender and there are no deterrents.

    I'm not sure however the general public are ready for a routinely armed police force. The first time a 14 yearold child is shot because he was brandishing a gun at police, and there will be uproar - but that will be the reality of it. Maybe there should be more research and development of non-lethal alternatives? This seems sensible to me, you get the offender alive, and he has to serve the sentence.

    On the question of the death penalty, there are some people in my oppinion who are too vile to exist in civilised society. Not only cop murderers, but peadophiles, sex offenders in general etc, etc. However i cant bring myself to support the death penalty, in my view life should mean life and these people dont deserve the chance to rehabilitate.

    And finally, my thoughts go out to the family and friends of PC Ian Broadhurst at this time.
  15. He replied