Should the Olympic torch relay be stopped?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invicta, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Yes - the protests have discredited it

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  2. No - it's just giving into the protesters

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  3. No - the Chinese will find a scapegoat and 'get' them!

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  4. Wait until after the games are over and then quietly bin it before 2012

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  5. At least stop the 'men in blue & white tracksuits' Peoples Armed Police from taking an

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  6. Let the whole thing carry on. After all it was first dreamt up for the 1936 'Nazi' Olympic

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  1. The Chinese government want the Olympic torch relay to carry on regardless of political opinion and the increasing violence that is accompanying it. The International Olympic Committee appear to be more concerned about the image of the games and trying to pretend that it's all going to be okay. But what do ARRSE'rs think?
  2. Where, is the

    NO - 'it provides endless entertainment for the nightly news' option?
  3. Bugger, wish I'd thought of that one!
  4. Yes because im sick of seeing it on the news i dont care if a bunch of soap dodgers dont like china
  5. No, definitely not. It doesn't matter that we miss a chance to bear our collective liberal western arrses at the CPC. What does matter is that we aren't seen to be snubbing 'China' in the eyes of John Zhongguo. If we do, we'll just consolidate the regressive faction in Beijing for whom the trouble has already been a godsend after so many years on the back foot.

    Selection and maintenance of the aim.
  6. How about a Yes - because it will pi$$ the chinese government right off option
  7. Definitely yes, should send a strong message to the Chinese.
  8. How about no, we live (supposedly) in a democracy, more protests, more embarrassment for the Chinese. Better still encourage the protestors to nail the blue and white takeaway Chinese guard?
  9. Exactly why we shouldn't do it. It's not 'the Chinese' we want to be sending messages to and even if we did we'd want to send one that will be understood the way we mean it. This is the wrong circumstance for broadcasting on full power.
  10. the flame should be olympic size then the bastards cant put it out or go near it cause it'd be 15ft tall and burn deep blue!!
  11. You have a point on that.
  12. The whole of the Olympic ideal (if it ever did exist) has been swamped by commercial interests, money men and dirty politicos. Only ignorant idealists will be enjoying some sort of 'spirit of human endeavour' bo||ocks.

    I used to say the Olympic flame was like me because it never goes out. But now it goes out 4 times a night - in Paris.

    I only go out to put the bins out.
  13. No it shouldnt be extinuished.
    Dont forget,all this trouble is because China invaded Tibet,a very peaceful place, as part of there expansionist/access to India plan in 1951.
    Since then the Chinese have systematically destroyed their religious buildings,and killed a large proportion of the population .
    Keeping this at the front of the news reminds people of the plight of the tibetans.
    Abandoning halfway through would be briefly embarrasing for the Chinese,but easily forgotten.
  14. Slanty-eyed, dog-eating, monk-shoeing fascists. Fcuk 'em. Right, I'm off down the chinky for some nosh.

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  15. I would suggest that the Chinese Govt dont give two hoots as to what we think. The supposed heavily censored pictures showing the torch being paraded peacefully around the world for Chinese domestic consumption is what it is all about.