Should the old WP scheme and the new WP scheme be the same

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Madjock72, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. I was chatting too the WP welfare officer the other month and wondered why the two schemes cant be combined?? Since i would say that most on the old scheme have had there condition verified to have been caused by service injury it would be a really simple matter of swapping everyone to the new system.
    Its not like they have not done it with other benefits and too be fair it would be a vast improvement to have everyone under the same department and cost effective surely.

    Ah crap can someone move this too the Pensions area
  2. IMO it would be impossible to do it for the vast majority and a lot of those War Pensioners could lose out, heavily.

    I do think however it may be feasible to move those who fall between the two schemes (i.e. getting a War Pension and a GIP under AFCS) onto AFCS so the full disablement/injuries of an individual can be better assessed, but I doubt there is the willingness to consider it as sooner or later there will be no War Pensioners!
  3. The one area the new scheme seems to be better than the old one, is that the new scheme will have its own PIP/DLA payment system. I get higher mobility middle care indef, and on old WP scheme @60% on new scheme I would be £120 better off every 4 weeks
  4. I seem to recall also that there is a difference on where the proof of attribution lies between the two systems. Under WP it was up to the MOD to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the injury was not attributable to service - the new system being slightly different ?
  5. I thought that if you claim (War Pension) within 7 years of coming out! They have to prove you have no case then after 7 years you have to prove your case ? (or something like that) I am under old system and claimed within 7 years of leaving forces.

    Regardless of system I feel both systems should have access to this new services PIP scheme

  6. You were chatting the other month? Why so late in posting then? This sounds suspiciously like the 'test the waters first' shite that was posted here about the right to pay only for the meals that you ate, which rapidly grew legs all of its own and morphed into PAYD. And look where that got you?

    Mmmmm...just think of the Government savings if they were allowed to **** over War Pensioners?

    Ah crap can someone move this to the Pensions area.
  7. Yeah the other month being January and im not late in posting but after looking at what the old pension vs the new pension there is plenty of pros and cons. But i would imagine in most cases people would be better off on the new claim compared to the old system... i know i would be. Like for example everytime i need to go through a separate medical and on the new scheme its one medical for everything.
    And when they bring in the AFIP its 7 grand compared to 3 grand a year.
    How would i want to **** myself over i am a war pensioner.
    if you want to think this a test the waters shite well carry on i dont bother what you think, its a question meant to generate thought not a flame attack.
  8. MJ, be careful what you wish for is what I believe Biscuits was saying!

    If the government was to seriously consider merging War Pensions & AFCS do you honestly think all War Pensioners will benefit?
  9. most would get screwed over,

    the simpler idea would be to streamline the WP system to only need 1 medical and to automatically assess you for suplimentary options, it took them 3 months after my last medical to tell me i now qualify for suppliments, i filled in the requisite forms and sent them back now i have ot wait anything up to 9 months for yet another medical as the last one wasnt recent enough to base the decission off, in the mean time i have to fork out even more money than normal on transport in order to attend the recomended therapy (what the mobility is for no?) for the pensionable condition yet i wont be able ot pay for it because i dont get the money to pay for it untill a new medical is done ...

    the problem is the newer system is just a frigging stupid, you claim for a known condition, later your diagnosed with a secondary condtion linked ot hte first your assessed and receive an uprate of your weekly payment but your barred from getting the additional feature due to the arbitrary timelines, at least with the WP your able to submit claims for the extra's at any time after you start getting your WP ......

    if i was assessed unde the new systme instead of the old one i would personally have been nearly £500 a month better off from day one thats why it was kicked ot the wp system, the govt will continue to use both and have htem remain open to facilitate this for as long as possible just to ensure vets dont get the maximum there entitled to