Should the nation see this


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NOTW would probably find some way to make it the fault of British Troops. Maybe they're in disguise :evil:


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Wonder how much of a stink the News of the Screws would kick up over that??
i hope the journos have had a look at this one. Seems to put things in context a bit
Oberleutnant_vn_Genschler said:
Do you think NOTW would be interested in paying for it?

Dibs on the cash if they do!!
Oberleutnant_vn_Genschler said:
Do you think NOTW would be interested in paying for it?
Doubt it - not 'sensational' enough for them... should imagine it wouldn't raise eyebows to see that from Iraqis police or military, pre or post Saddam.

Though it does put things into perspective and they should take the story on to address the balance.
The SUN headlines read;

Get a free poster of our boys fighting for the safety and freedom of the oppressed and afraid Iraqi people.

Then comes the weekend...

NOTW KUNTS will probably have a headline from the video such as;

Iraqi Police forced to abuse their own innocent citizens by sick sadistic British Thugs!

Back stabbing fookers!

I can't see anything wrong in the video.

It just show a bit of friendly banter between fellow country men. Not at all similar as what those British thugs were doing to those peace loving Iraqis, so why would the British people need to see it?

It does look like very old footage.
maybe this should be played on Iraqi media to remind them of what they stand to lose if they boot out the coalition forces.
Do you think that all McDonalds drive-thrus will have this "Correct change only" policy, or is it just in the Iraqi franchise?
Bloody barbarians. How soon they forget what it used to be like, assuming that is old footage but it wouldn't surprise me if it were recent. Nothing but double standards and we are stupid enough to give them the benefit of the doubt everytime. Who're the bigger fools?

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