Should The Milking Go?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Yes its disgusting and Mary Whitehouse is on the warpath

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  2. No. Its a bit of a laugh bollox to the work shy whiners

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  1. I've been requested to change the Milking Gif in my signature bloke.

    Some ARRSErs have complained to one of the Mods (instead of having the bollox to PM me themselves).

    The main whinge is that it is NSFW.

    I'm of the firm opinion if you use ARRSE at work it is at your own risk and other users shouldn't be put out for those that are clearly skiving.

    The GiF doesn't break any decency laws and is certainly not the most explicit on the site, by far.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I can just about get away with doing some ARRSE at work, but a bint getting milked is a bit OTT.

    That said, I'm no grass (geddit? Mooo, grass? yeah?)

    Edited to add: Walking away from my desk with a boner from seeing your sig block is no help either.
  3. I don't like it and have voted such.
    No great moral objection, simply that cow masks and milking machines aren't to my taste!
  4. It made me laugh at first but I'm getting a bit tired of it now.
  5. I'm all for it Dingerr but I can't believe some people are spineless enough to "officially" complain about it!

    On a similar vein do you have a Gif showing a male dog being milked by a human mouth?
  6. I find it strangely arousing....
  7. I voted nay (or should that be moo?).
  8. I think this is the point with most of the sig blocks, yes they are funny the first few times, but having to do a quick scroll when you see someones avatar because you know whats in that block (and your at work/in a public place) can get triesome and so the 'joke' of the sig block soon wears thin
  9. If they don't like it they can change the site colours to work_safe.

    The petals I work with would pass out with horror at even some of the avatars on here.
  10. I like it, probably just coz i really like cows though.
  11. I am not one of the ones who complained to the mods but it is NSFW and a bit large.

    A few times when I have been ARRSEing around at work I have had to click to something else when the secretary came in. I would not like her to think i am a dirty old man. (Perhaps that should be phrased "finally realize that I am a dirty old man")

    It is funny though. If you want to keep it we will just have to stay alert.

    I concur with you however that Pimms would be better than to "Cry havoc and let slip the MODS of war"
  12. I say again, this is a 'moot' question...

    If at work use work_safe site colours and you get no sig blocks content and no avatars.

    Problem solved. :roll:

    Editied to say, as this is the NAAFI afterall, mmm, udders. :p
  13. If you're meant to be working then work, don't surf Arrse, you're getting paid to work, so do it. Dinger, it's a tad disturbing but does grow on you after a while.

    PS. I'm alloweed to surf on Arrse at work as my guvnor is an ex matelot and has no probs with it :D
  14. It Made Oi Larf
  15. Its a little off putting if you post a few times in one thread, having to scroll through tons of the same sig block to get to the written bits.

    But I do think its amusing, can you not just decrease it in size????