Should the Intelligence Corps man its own RQMS and CQ slots

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. The task is a bit too complex, don't think we could grasp it in a 2 year tour

  2. The rest of the Army operate like this, why should we be any different?

  3. There is something to be said for having yr own Q Bloke. North Face clones might be right for once?

  4. Filling a Q slot is seen as a prerequisite for promotion by most of the rest of the Army. They also

  5. We are far too busy and too important to take on this menial task

  1. In the past there were complaints that we were never resourced properly on the kit and stores side. That's all sorted now then?
  2. NO! I joined the Corps to do interesting G2 work, not gay G4 shite. What next, our LE Majs becoming Bn QMs?
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Cheeky REMF tttttwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt. You would never get further promotion in a front line unit without at least some understanding of Q matters. It helps you understand problems that others face and allows you to pre-empt problems.
  4. Ahhhh, I see where we've been going wrong... :wtf:
  5. I never said I didn't understand it. I said I didn't want to do it! Having been made to run the Sect stores in a previous tour (without any formal training - how familiar) cured me of any G4 leanings.
  6. i have some understanding of Q matters. i have not been promoted since before slightly_nasty began growing his thicket moustache.
  7. The Int Corps are not cut out for the task of G4 admin. Let them stick to Int and we can stick to the CQ & RQ stuff.
  8. i hear where you're coming from. whatever next eh? infantry officers as Battalion IOs? :)
  9. Just like to point out that a previous Director had previously served as DCOS in HQ NI. It took him nearly a year to stop asking G1 / G4 questions about the LET, G1098, quarters pay, allowances usw, etc.

    I don't think this ties in with what Devex warrior said above.

    Just because you never see us at tea-and-toast, does not mean that we all have no grasp of how the system works.
  10. Exactly-what did we join to do?
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Then I presume nobody would like the RSM spot - with all that boring admin work and all.

    I wouldn't think anyone actually wants to do a Q job but for us it was the next step up.
  12. I can't really comment on other branches of the army, but Intelligence Corps RSMs certainly don't do boring admin work. Unless by boring admin work you mean managing the careers of the other soldiers in the Bn. If this is the case, then I pity anyone that has you above them in their chain of command.
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Badly put by me - but the gist is that there are times when we all have to do a job we didn't join up to do and for some appointments are a means to an end. Didn't recieve a job description when I joined up - how things have changed.

    Don't worry about those under me - there are none anymore. Finished my 22 and enjoyed it - less those jobs I didn't join up for?
  14. perhaps an RSM would like to comment on this rather controversial comment? is it all james bond excitement? :)
  15. Leave it to the guys who know how to do it. We would only fcuk it up!