Should the illegal immigrants be given an amnesty ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taffnp, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Send them home

  2. Give them an amnesty

  1. According to the news there are now assumed to be 100,00 illegal immigrants in the UK. Boris is considering giving them an amnesty. Bearing in mind that will give them legitimate rights to a council flat and they won't have to live cramped in a cupboard.
  2. I voted no,because I think it sends the wrong message,in that if you hang on in there long enough,and there are enough of you,you'll eventually get what you want.

    On the other hand,how else can the situation be practically resolved? I'm glad it's not my job to work out how.
  3. How many? I think you will find it is more than that.
  4. No
    "Migrant Stock has Doubled Since 199I - Immigration Problem ‘Home Grown’ - not a Result of Globalisation. "
    Commenting on the failure of the Government to control immigration over the past 11 years, Phil Woolas, the new Immigration Minister is reported in The Sun as saying: He said 'People didn't believe the authorities knew what they were doing and there's a very good reason for that - they didn't.' (October 21, 2008)
  5. No. Give them a period of grace in which to collect the funds necessary to get them home. Fine and deport any which remain, and fine severely anyone who employs them.
  6. Voted no. I agree with WhiskeyBreath.
  7. You beat me to it.I would suggest serious custodial sentences for the worst offenders too.

    We could of banged Jacqui Smith up ages ago if we had thought of it before.
  8. With brats spawned here there are some quotes of 750,000, that is nearly doubled since the last set of figures released in 2002.

    How much of the services are THEY taking up in the NHS, how many are WORKING in the NHS as CLEANERS?

    If they are ILLEGAL they have NO rights to be here, we have enough of our own problems, never mind importing them illegally! Many have landed here by paying some gang to People Traffic them through MANY countries, they arrive and slide hidden into our communites, some with a range of diseases and socal problems.

    Once here many are used in the underworld by the crime syndicates in such as Prostitution, wether they are clean of STD's or not, just to pay the crime bosses back for getting them here, in short the SLAVE trade.
  9. Voted no - send them packing.

    Its catch 22. If an amnesty isn't given, we still have thousands living and working under the radar with no hope of easing the problem.

    If we do offer an amnesty, it just means that a few come out of the woodwork but it could encourage others to arrive and just sit it out.

    It is a clear indication that the Govnt haven't a clue how to solve the problem though.

    Instead of an amnesty, the various agencies who currently don't work together should actually get their shit sorted out. Its getting like the US with tons of different agencies with their flashy little baseball caps and jackets running around working against each other. The country should show that its not the dumping ground of Europe for II's.

    Briefly watched a prog the other night on the UK Border Force. They had seized a truck in Calais full of illegals. All they could do is process them and release them to the massive Calais they can then just jump on the next truck across the channel. One would like to hope that we can us the wonderful EU legislation that tells us how big our bananas are to do something useful for our country. But I suppose that doesn't benefit the rest of Europe does it?
  10. "Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime"

    I suppose somebody has worked out that the major cause of crime is the legislation that makes things illegal. Take away the legislation, take away the crime - and we can all live happily in our new Utopia.

    By definition, illegal immigration is a crime. An appropriate punishment is required. Deportation seems less than appropriate, funded as it is by the taxpayer. What about giving them a job as a Figure 11 at Otterburn? Save on plywood and paper. Even cut down on the carbon footprint of the ETR... Just need to promote it as a green solution...
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I object to an amnesty on personal grounds. My wife is not a UK citizen and entered the UK legally having jumped through all the necessary hoops set up by the government via the embassy in Washington DC.

    We were jointly treated in a disrespectful manner by the immigration service and made to produce personal corespondence, copies of emails, copies of airline tickets, private photographs, copies of visa stamps from passports for example in order to prove that my wife, a professional with a Masters Degree and citizen of the world's largest economy, was not an "economic migrant."

    That was the UK authorities accusation....ECONOMIC MIGRANT.

    If you want to come to this country then line up and be treated like a piece of excrememnt like we had to do.

    .....maybe that is why people enter illegally, no penalties, little risk and no hassle.
  12. So do I mate. I just find it a bit too 'right wing' Which scares me a little.

    If GB was as large as USA. I would say any one who has the abilty to get here, make a living and contibute to society in a possitive manner should be welcomed, however, WE ARE FULL.
  13. If they’d been carrying arms and/or wearing a uniform, we’d have taken military action against the “invasion”. Just because they’ve done it surreptitiously, does not mean they deserve any less robust reaction or response !!
  14. What in particular do you find right wing about it? (genuine question)
  15. Death to anyone who stays STAY.