Should the Defence Security School depart from Chicksands

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Padlock counting is a distraction at best, and is more frequently conunter productive, get rid! shou

  2. If you want to be a padlock counter, you should join a separate Corps: should probably move away

  3. Security is suppsed to Enable and not Constrain the operation, still not sure if Plod + DSSO are the

  4. The Risk Management approach to security has yet to be embraced by Defence and realise its true valu

  5. Only the Intelligence Corps has the ethos to keep the hard won lessons of Counter Intelligence alive

  1. Proposals are well under way to move the Defence Security School down to the South Coast. A welcome breath of fresh air is about to blow through Chicksands as the Community can start to breathe from the far purer atmosphere of more refined intellectual processes.

    The Navy and the Air Force both recognise that Padlock-Counting belongs with Plod, so how come the Army is always out of step?In these overcommitted times why are we running round trying to deploy on ops and then meet the infrastructure needs of a load of RO's when we come back home ( when everyone else is on leave, training or courses?).

    I sense we may be pushing at an open door here. Lets hope the current management have the balls to make the change that the war-fighting challenges of the new millenium demand, and send security back to Plod. If we were supposed to do security we would be called the The Intelligence and Security Corps
  2. Oh, okay then..... you can be called the Int and Sy Corps. Better now? (Please lock up behind you.)
  3. Security involves a lot more than counting padlocks despite our jovial banter with the Darksiders on the matter.

    Identifying and countering the threat go hand in hand, Counter Intelligence or Security Intelligence opportunities arise from security visits or investigations.
  4. I have also seen 10-15yr full screw crabs sat on their lazy arrses doing the bare f'ing minimum.

    COUNTER INTELLIGENCE being part of the INTELLIGENCE Corps!!!!

    When we do it, we do it well! As for a move, why move from what is virtually a new build site with some of the best facilities to go to somewhere that is probably a lifesize replica of chernobyl or worse - BULFORD!!!!!!!!!!! If anything we should be moving up north were the true intelligencia reside!
  5. Do you mean the RAF P&SS??

    where the ss side of it have their own CI/SI sections, because even they recognise that CI/SI work is separate from normal plod duties.
  6. Is there a link between the weight of numbers in this poll and the option that will be finally selected?

    I think not, if there is, its inverse.

    All the Armys specialist security sections have been downgraded from Major's commands to Captains, probably to free up space for more OF 4 slots for the Regular transferee officers. Those specialist sections are nothing more than a body-shop to serve the committments requirment.

    The Int Corps gave all the Accreditor's staff slots away to the RAF years ago, as well as a number of J2 CI slots.

    Even with 2m-resolution, 20 year old sensors, the writing is clearly on the wall.......
  7. Ahh, adastra, not only stupid - but ill informed, like much of the RAF as this link exemplifies. Been in hiding have you, or just surfaced for your usual uneducated fishing trip to see if anyone will bite?

    Our specialist security sections were changed from Maj's slots to Capt's because it is difficult, even for us, to justify an SO2 (that's a Sqn Ldr to you) in charge of 6-8 blokes. As this happened several years ago, it's good to see how ahead of the power curve you are - as per usual. Another reason for this change was operational commitments, something the RAF have always had little grasp of with their arduous 4 month tours.

    The only reason the RAF fill CI posts is because their policeman have nothing to do (now that civilians or MPGS man the gates), unlike our people. As long as idiots like the P&SS mess up jobs like Cyprus and treat security as a crime, there will always be a role for those that have no provost role to undertake Sy/CI duties.

    I take it that when you miserably failed the Army entrance test, the recruiter sent you downstairs to the RAF careers office, only this can explain your somewhat warped perceptions and your inability to use a spell checker..................
  8. Well I followed the link with eager anticipation.......

    ... and found that your own words underpin your own lack of understanding about other parts of the community.

    Next time you meet someone who is able to serve for slightly more more than 22 years in the Intelligence Community, I'm sure if you ask them nicely, they will take the time to tell you about COMINT, SIGINT, MASINT and MIR, as well as IMINT and OPINTEL

    You might ask them what a MAeOp does, but they would have to kill you afterwards. You probably not have been round long enough to have heard of one anyway.

    If my memory serves me the RAF served in JFIT roles on both Corporate and Granby and have deployed to Houses on GRAPPLE

    ( PM me if you are too young to remember MIR and Corporate)
  9. I have to butt in and say that although you might be experienced in other fields, you are sadly misinformed regarding the role of these Specialist Security Sections. Why else would they be retained as HQ LAND level assets to direct. With the threat changing rapidly they are now even more important.
  10. Should stay where it is. Let me guess, they want to reactivate Ashford? :wink:
  11. Marvellous! Even the light side hate fence checkers! :)
  12. You see what happens when you serve beyond your bodies capabilities?

    You become senile, forgetfull and make arrse comments.

  13. There is definitely a link between ill-informed individuals roaming around another Arms site, using tenuous links to past endeavours to verify their fatuous grandiloquence, and the inability to type English or use a spell-checker!
  14. The Royal Air Force is a Service not another arm, a Service that has been around a few years more than the Intelligence Corps

    so sounds like you are a sprog as well then??
  15. Wrong again! If the blue fluffy cap fits.........