Should the conveyer belt keep running

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by daz, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. daz

    daz LE

    And feed the bloody hippies into the furnace, or should we just get rid of them the French way?


    grown up story
  2. Ah yes well lets burn them and let them heat a house or two.
    Best way to save the planet

    I hate all these un washed greenpeace types
  3. What are they complaining about? I think Didcot powerstation is a beautiful feature in the Oxfordshire landscape, nestled between rolling hills with grazing sheep in emerald fields. The white steam and brownish smoke piping out of the cooling towers every day... bootiful.

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  4. Apparently they tried to write 'Blair's Legacy' on the power station (not sure where exactly).

    Personally I consider Iraq to be Bliar's legacy and I will cheerfully fund them to go over there with some green paint and a brush...
  5. I wouldn't, we'd only have to go and rescue the silly buggers when they get captured :x
  6. I agree with Scottie, let the hippies do something useful for a change
  7. Keep it moving and just BURN THEM. They should get a proper job instead of mincing around the tree hugging fcuk's.

    They are complaining about pollution but dont come up with any alternative solutions. If we proposed wind farms they would then complain about them being an eye sore.

    All they want to do is complain. BURN THEM I say.
  8. Aye. Hippie scum!

    Undoubtedly we need to do something about it but chaining yourself to a conveyer belt is hardly going to get you taken seriously :D :D !
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Except the only thing that comes out of the cooling towers is steam...

  10. If you're going to be like that...

    Steam not being visible because of... chemistry and physics and magic and stuff.

    Edited to add: Yes, burn the tree huggers. The grease in their unwashed hair is a great source of renewable energy.
  11. daz

    daz LE

    And if the feckers care so much about the environment, why the hell do they always travel in clapped out VW vans/2CV’s that are so badly maintained that they imitate a WW2 destroyer making smoke to obscure a convoy?

    Fecking two faced bellwhiffs, BURN THE BASTARDS
  12. Pedant mode on You have it exactly wrong I'm afraid and MSR had it right first time.

    Water vapour is the gaseous state of water. Where can it be found? Simplest method is to boil a kettle, and when it is boiling properly look at the first centimetre or so from the spout.

    There should be a clear space before you can see the steam. That is where the water vapour is. It is cooling rapidly as it leaves the kettle and reduces in pressure and changes state from gaseous to liquid (albeit very small droplets).

    The steam is condensed water particles and is very visible (hence the expression "clouds of steam"). If you kept cooling and condensing water vapour you go through the three (normal)states of water as seen under normal atmospheric conditions: Gaseous (water vapour), Liquid (water as you normally know it, clouds, mist, etc) and solid (ice). By playing around with temperature and pressure you can produce super-cooled liquids (liquid water many degrees below zero).

    Just FYI. :)
  13. Bill Hicks used to say that if you really wanted to save the planet you should kill yourself and stop using up everyone else's resources.
  14. Dread

    I know now why I failed A level physics!
  15. :) Shows how education has been dumbed down: it was in my O levels when I had it beaten into me by a psychotic physics teacher (known as 'Lump' - he retired having had a nervous breakdown, somthing for which I am ashamed I had some part to play).

    And yes, the hippies should have been burned alive. I wonder how much fuel their action caused to be wasted? If they managed to move the main incinerators/boilers etc just a few percentage points away from most optimum it would have been a massive amount.