Should the British Army buy the Stryker for FRES off the shelf ?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by muder_death_kill, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Should the MoD get us the Stryker or one of its other variants like Piranha to fulfill the FRES utility role ?

    Wouldit be cheaper to buy it off the shelf rather than fanny about for the next 10 years ???

    Your thoughts gents ???

    Cos I am sick to death of rolling around in a Bulldog or Warrior Ambulance !!!
  2. Should and Will Do I think you'll find will be as different as Day is to Night.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    blimey start your posting life on ARRSE with a fun one why don't you.

    try a search on the website you'll probably find at least 3 or 4 threads with the discussion on FRES and options for it.

    It generally boils down to - if stryker met the requirements then we would have bought doesn't so there are 2 options, change the requirements to those that stryker meets and have a reduced capability, or keep the requirements and spend some cash on getting something built that will meet them.

    Which do you want?

  4. Should we buy Stryker off the shelf - NO!

    Should we buy Piranha V off the shelf? Possibly, but it doesn't exist fully on the shelf yet.

    As I understand it, the reason nothing has happened, or is happening at the moment, was that FRES UV got put on ice in order to bring FRES SV (i.e. Scout et al) forwards. The logic being that there is a clear need for CVR(T) replacement to support current operations, whilst the presence of Mastiff/Ridgback is such that there is no immeadiate need for a troop carrier.
  5. Welcome to A.R.R.S.E. Admiral Johnson!

    Or may I call you Jay?
  6. thanks gents interesting answers there.
  7. Discount anything by Mike Sparks and Combat Mans a looney
  8. Sparks is the only person I have known refer to the M113 as the Gavin.

    ...I stand by to be corrected!

    Seriously though, Stryker is not a bad piece of kit, and from what I understand the SBCTs like theirs pretty well in Afghanistan. It does have some serious limitations though - which are being addressed through later marks of Piranha - and as such I wouldn't want to be basing the future structure of the Army around it.
  9. Say again ?
  10. The Stryker is a Piranha III variant and there are better 8x8 vehicles out there.

    The logical OTS choice would be, IMHO, the Artec Boxer, but it depends how much you want to comply with Def Stan 23-9 for architecture commonality.
  11. didnt we british, have a hand in boxer ?......
  12. We did, which leads me to think that there might be enough of the original physical architecture in there that it might meet the British military requirements, although it would involve a rather large helping of political humble pie.
  13. I know this sounds sick but there is a sizable pressure group within a major arms manufacturer to refurbish M113, yes I said M113, and give it to the British Army as a stop gap. The notion has its supporters within the MOD!!! There are thousands of the things going very cheap.
  14. A lot has changed since the days of MRAV, and I'm no longer sure that architecture compliance would be a given.

    Given how far GD got with the Piranha V design (which they have continued to progress since UV was put on hold), I would put more money on the ease of integration with this beast. The fundamental design of Piranha V has also benefited from alot of the lessons learned from Iraq/Afghanistan.

    Standing by for me to be accused of working for GD!
  15. Am I deluding myself, or wasn't part of the idea of FRES that a common chassis would be used so e.g. Mowag 4x4 or 6x6 for scout and large versions 8x8/10/x10 for APC etc. Presumably that has now gone up in smoke, or could we just buy ASCOD for the UV role? Seems to me it would be a bit big and expensive, but if you can use a 42 tonner for reconnaissance I'm clearly yesterday's man on this subject.