Should the beating of parking attendants be legalised?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hogspawn, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. I vote yes!

    The little scruffy tossers wait until you're out of range, then leap in with a 60 quid ticket and scuttle off!

    And what's the point of clamps? If your motor's causing an obstruction, clamping it's only gonna make the obstruction last longer :evil:

  2. I disagree. They should be shot on sight!
  3. sounds like a new sport! park up car as bait, then up to the OP to await the prey with a .50 sniper rifle :twisted:
  4. There should be a hunting season for them as far as I'm concerned. Having said that though, some cnuts park in the most stupid places so I laugh when they get a ticket.

    Clamping is a revenue thing in my opinion. I believe (from various TV programmes) that most clamping is done by private companies and some do not follow any code of practice or regulations. Under the law, if you see a 'Vehicles may be clamped' sign and park your car there anyway, you have agreed to a contract. If the sign is not clear or obstructed, you may have a get-out clause. Someone mentioned bolt croppers in another thread and that is something of which I thoroughly approve. Or you could scratch your £400 Rover Metro to bits around the wheel arches and claim damages against the barstewards.

    Edited because of my mongness
  5. Nope! Beating with a frozen salmon's better, but what i wanna know is, should we legalise the battery of such weasley wee cnuts!
  6. Legalised?

    Compulsory would be better.
  7. condering the local wardens here have been known to book, a pregnant mother with 12mins left on her meter, a hearse picking up a coffin and the (welsh i think) team rugby bus as the they were disembarking outside their hotel, i'd happily turn warden beating into a national sport!
    cnuts one and all!
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I take it you broke the law and got a ticket?

  9. but cant we let them have a 2 second head start for the head shot????
  10. I think this remark is unfair. Parking is becoming much moore of an issue and there are alot of unscrupulous companies out there who go about clamping vehicles who are parked on private sites which they have nothing to do with yet take the chance to make a fast opportunistic buck.

    I agree that if an area is clearly marked. eg double yellow lines or an official sign then anyone who chooses to ignore the rules should get a ticket but sometimes these areas are not clearly marked. In my home town parking restrictions are in place yet they are not enforced and the result is often chaos.

    I do think that your To$$er comment was a little unfair on hogspawn. you don't know the facts and I'm sure that if he was in the wrong he'd admit it. It still p1ssed me off when i got a ticket and I did deserve it.
  11. I seem to remember a couple of years ago a South African company would attach a flame thrower system under your car so you could torch any scrote who tried to hijack you. Think of the hilarity that would ensue if you could get REME to install a switch somewhere on the wiper blade to activiate it.
  12. Could always call this guy

    Fair play to him, but I bet he is as lonely as MDN's brain cell.
  13. Fantastic!!! Angle Grinder Man. Can we vote for him instead of old Tony?
  14. Since Fox Huntings is goin to be banned and you get so many protesters towards it.. why not replace the fox with a traffic warden. Kidnap him from the high street, pump him up wif cocaine so he is more willing to play, and let him run about in the country side being chased by hounds and double barrel shot guns... seems fine 2 me...!?
  15. Not all bad then?