Should the BBC support Microsoft in this way?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spunkymonkey, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. For anyone who's missed it, the BBC are hoping to make "catch-up" viewing available via the internet. They've put in a proposal to the BBC Trust for consideration and the Trust's initial findings have been published for public consultation.

    One area that the Trust has shown concern in is that the BBC's proposals are based on proprietory DRM of the content by Microsoft, which woud mean that the media content would only be available to people using an "up-to-date Microsoft Operating system". In other words, if you're a Mac user, a Linux user or still using pre-XP windows, you're going to have to buy Vista to take advantage of the service.

    The tTrust are concerned about that and the BBc has said it woould hope to be able to offer an alternative, system-independent (such as RealPlayer), service in about 24 months.

    In the meantime, if this proposal goes ahead and you want to catch up on programmes you've paid for with your licence fee you'll have to go out and buy Vista from Mr Gates.

    More details, and the public questionaire, are available on the Trust's website here
  2. bad bad bad idea go open source bill has more than enough cash already

  3. I hope it will be better than the BBC's current player, which only works intermittently on Macs.
  4. VB, you might want to check your settings or try and get some kind of update as I've never had a problem and I'm not exactly running a state of the art system either. I take it you've run software update recently ?
  5. All my Macs are always up to date. I suspect the difficulty is to do with Firefox rather than OSX.

    Just installed Parallels, so I can always switch to Microsoft's 'poor-man's-Mac' Windoze if necessary... :cyclopsani:
  6. I think it is important that the BBC and Microsoft merge. The EU is backing Open Source and the German Government funded much of the Open Source work on GnU encryption.....why not have the BBC and Microsoft merge since Vista is going to die with Microsoft.

    Microsoft is just getting too heavy for PCs to carry all that code and will be so perforated with holes and TRojan bait that the whole Microsoft empire will cave in. China is going Linux so more hardware will be Linux compatible - Vista is the end of the Microsoft line and with Open Office to eat up Microsoft Office and Open Document Format to trounce doc it is over for Microsoft.

    Merge the BBC with MSNBC