Should the Army Cadet Force have its own cap badge?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Fiji_Bob, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Ok I suggested it in another thread and with deep heart I open again the can of worms...... with a hope we can have a adult discussion on this :roll:

    My view is keep regular/TA cap badge for the following reasons

    :salut: Shows/Demonstrates respect and support for said affiliated organisation
    :salut: Provides link to community for Reg /TA orgs
    :salut: Allows Cadet detachments foot in the door to obtain support from said org
    :salut: Gives Cadet detachment unit pride amongst other detachments in county/sector
    :salut: Possibly a recruiting tool, but not sure how valuable this is these days, more so for TA
    :salut: Could allow disbanded/ merged Regts to "live on" and support/focus for veterans/ links across generation ect.

    :plotting: Only good argument I've ever heard about a ACF cap badge is the uniform nature of large parades where all appear the same.

    Let battle commence :roll: :wink: ...... what do others think? :?
  2. I think that everybody else will think the exact same thing they thought the last time this exact thread came up. I beleive the name hasnt even changed!!!
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  3. Never mind..........MOD feel free to delete
  4. I thought the army cadets already have a cap badge? I joined them about a month ago... isn't it that star shaped emblem on the beret?
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  5. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!
  6. Quick answer

    NO IT Shouldn't

    It would then become the ATC where staff wear RAF capbadges ,cadets wear other things and the regimental system pride in detachments would disappear.
  7. More of a triangular shaped shiny thing really
  8. Who cares, more to the point - how about the female cadets wear school uniform?
  9. That is too small for them :)
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  10. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Agree entirely, badged Royal Regiment of Scotland and our cadets, and CFAVs (proudly) continue to wear the red hackle
  11. Why don't you just switch off your tv set and go and do something less boring instead?

    This has been done to death soooo many times.
  12. I'm not particularly interested in this thread but have to say its the first time I have read anything on the [interesting] subject.

    Flashman, you didnt have to look in if it bores you. Freedom of choice and all that malarky
  13. Fair point old chap :)

    Just gives the anti ACF element here another chance to fire off their cheap shots (as well as being dull ;) )

    I'll go away :oops:
  14. I´ll just readd my view.

    Yes. The ACF and CCF should have their own capbadges. Either a generic Corps wide badge or, esp for CCFs, their own.

    Regiments and Corps should still be encouraged to look after a Det, particularly if they are near by. This could even increase the appeal, with Inf taking them out one day, Signals the next and the Arty the next.

    Within the Dets the Sections could take on the various mantles ie the Sappers and Gunners.

    This would also provide a sort of air gap to the regs and TA, which may well appease some of the tree huggers who don´t grasp the bigger picture of what the ACF do. It would enable the Cadets to form their own brand.

    I would insist, however, that former soldiers could wear their own capbadges and accoutrements as Adult Instructors. Adults coming in from civvie street (so to speak) would wear the same ACF-CCF capbadge as the younger members.See note.

    In terms of the modern idea from ZANU (which has been voiced many times in many circles before they realised that shipping kids off to Kenya wasn´t the way to improve their behaviour) the CCF dets that they wish to form in state schools could wear school emblems (if they have them).

    just a thought.

    Note. This works at Welbeck DSFC CCF.
  15. I think the ACF should have a common cap badge just like the ATC & SCC. The ACF could have local command shoulder flashes to give them some local identity.