Should TA training now concentrate on Peacekeeping?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 13, 2003.

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  1. As the TA has evolved into a more deployable force, should our training reflect exactly the type of mission (Peacekeeping) that we will be called on to perform , both in foreign parts and on the mainland?

    I'm thinking more NI type training, working closer with the Police, Language courses , intelligent mobilisation , based not only on your army role, but on your civilian specialisation too. Peacekeeping training , and all that entails, as opposed to training to turn back the mongolian hordes on the North German plain

  2. Interesting point, PTP.

    My only issue with this is that from what I see, there is a warfighting role for some units. For example, pals of mine from 131 Commando Engineer Sqn RE (V) deployed as a unit to GW2. The realities of early 21st century politics may be that there is slim chance of High Intensity conflict in the foreseeable future, and if there was we would go in under Uncle Sams, coat tails. My own gang is an Infantry unit and there was not even a hint that we would have gone into action, as far as I can tell - other Borg may know better.

    Being trained for OOTW would also allow HMG to cut costs by having Regular units concentrating on "Teeth" duties, block one of the Three Block concept, with TA units being called in for Peace Support ops - blocks two and three, with a two-three month pre-depolyment training package - exactly as is happening now on TELIC 3. The Civil Continencies Reaction Force is also a TA led organision ( well, once it gets going....) and so this fits in with your premise. But thats another story...
  3. An interesting point but one which I disagree with. PSO is just one of the many operations in which TA soldiers are called upon to take part in. There were many TA soldiers involved in the war fighting phase and a number of these infanteers and involved in the action. There were no formed infantry units involved, just individual reinforcements. However, if we worked on the premise that TA aren't going to war-fight we'd have been unable to provide soldiers for this and be considerably less useful to the regular army.

    PSO is not a black art or skill of its own, it is an extension of the basic skills and drills that all soldiers must train for. Arguably it is more difficult to do well and requires a more robust outlook on life than "straight war-fighting", but it is an extension of this and not a separate entity.
  4. Good points so far.

    B2 , I know some of the 131 guys as well, and by all accounts , they did a dynamite job in the sandbox, which will only make them more unbearable ;)

    As regards the extended TELIC3 Training package, are you sure it's a 2-3 month package? Spoke to one of our guys yesterday who is off shortly, and it didn't seem to be that long?

    Perhaps the inital premise, would have been better phrased as "Should we vary the training package, to include PSO type training?"
  5. My unit is getting about 6 weeks build-up training for Telic 3

    The whole problem is Man Training Days. If we had been allocated more MTD's and had been given more than 2 monts warning then we could have prepared a lot better. As it stands, I am quite happy at out training package but my main gripe is MTD's!

    If we concentrate on Just PSO then we will suffer skills-fade in our coventional warfighting skills. What we need is more training days.
  6. the TA should stick to being dead easy to wind up, easy to nick kit off on tour and exercise and the birds being dead easy to nail.
    Apart from that wonderful breed, some great lungs out there. :twisted:
  7. PTP

    I stand corrected, see above

    By the way, can anyone tell me if the London based TA guys called up for TELIC will still get London Weighting in the paypacket?
  8. we were told some high up would perfer ta to train for war as he could allways train down to peace suport
  9. msr

    msr LE

    'Train down', surely utilise the skills which the blokes already have, no wait.....

  10. If the TA is given the resources it could actually be very useful, however when you have to canceal ex cos your short of man training days then you have a problem. Anyway if they cant even resource the regs properly what hope does the ta have.
  11. the problem is every Defense reveiw is treasury led and or fancy bit of hi tec kit that works as yts for defense workers. rather than Figuring out what thew hell we need to do what we'd like to do and how much is it going to cost rather than what can we cut next week
  12. Part of the problem is that we are still training for the last one (that never happened) while the Treasury has decided that nothing is evergoing to happen again. OOTW/PSO on one level needs lots of bodies with rifles to do the various things that this calls for. All those TA Inf that got cut would have been quite handy for that. Also dear old Rummies plan seems to have been light on the people to put the infrastructure back in place. Sappers (V), REME (V) and so on but also guys from other badges with the skills from civvy life would have been useful here. The story of the guy with the IT skills in "The future of the TA..." thread is a good example.

    Personally I know of a guy who is TA and a qualified civvy nurse who wants to nurse in green but the local Field Hospital says they cant use him because his specialty is paedeatrics. What war doesnt have injured children? GW2 was based on the assumption that we'd walk it in terms of combat so why would paediatrics prove to be such a drag on resources that it outweighs the Hearts and Minds value. The answer is when we go and look in the book it gives us the list of skills we need for war fighting in Deutchsland/North Flank/South Flank while ignoring (out of necessity) the plight of the local populace.

    CCRF really is just putting what would happen naturally onto a formal footing. I know if someone flew a plane into a building in my town I would turn in to the TAC. Having said that its no substitute for a proper Civil Defence organisation.
  13. msr

    msr LE


    The trouble is that the police would be on site within minutes, the TA several hours later, just when plod is closing the incident....

  14. Absolutely, for most incidents that would be true. However its a matter of magnitude, say something of the size of Lockerbie or something similar to the Windscale fire then they would be needed.
  15. but the field medical units arent scaled for paeds, MDHUs dont have nurses on kids wards, which is why paed nurses arent being recruited, obviously loads of thought has gone into the skill mix required at field hospitals in this day and age of the yanks bombing residential areas and schools.