Should Sven cough up?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smallbrownprivates, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. No His argument is still valid - its the principle see

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  2. Yes hes spouting blairite propaganda

  3. who cares just give the RBL something

  1. Early in an ongoing thread on current affairs Sven promised a donation to the RBL if he was proved wrong on a point.

    (read the initial article BTW its a lot better than the pages that follow it)

    Requisite info was provided, but no concession made yet that he was wrong or will pay.

    proposing a donation to the RBL in an online discussion and then splitting hairs about whether the raisin d'etre for a donation has been reached seems a shoddy way of treating one of our main armed forces charities.

    I for one will be making a donation to the RBL when i leave woop woop land to make up for those who promise and don't deliver.

    over to youse at the bar....
    (edited to add to the poll)
  2. I don't think Sven's especially Blairite.

    A point was made on another thread recently that there are people bleating because the body armour can be too heavy/cumbersome, even though it gives good protection. 3 -4 years ago the bleating was because there wasn't enough body armour (admittedly still blair era).

    The British soldier was paid 1/3rd the going rate for an American. 1/2 for the officers. In both wars few/no units had exactly what they wanted due to equipment and logistics constraints.

    His point on money shortages previously seem well made and fit with people I've spoken to who served then (note; NOT my own experience).

    However, he's been proved partly wrong; so how about we all donate part of our Christmas bonus to the RBL and make do?
  3. Fair point Crabby, had a go at editing blairite poll option to something else, but no dice- edit function not playing at moment.
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    I work for (in) the NHS. Can someone please tell me what a Christmas bonus is :cry: :x
  6. Somw of us don't get Christmas bonus'
  7. Yes - getting home at the end of your shift without being made redundant, replaced by a consultant or catching MRSA...
  8. I don't - hence donation of a day's wages (Christmas day) next week - due to my awful pay it's not much - £23
  9. Very fair one, christmas bonus for student crabby is a fresher who hasn't realised that FAFF week was over in october.
  10. Hang on, the Army get Christmas bonuses?

    I'll sign up for that.

    I am not allowed to play in the "Big Boy's Forums", so I don't know what Sven said. All I have to go on is the PMs I have had from him, and Cuddles, if it makes you feel important to start a thread about it, instead of PMing him, crack on.
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  12. He wishes.

    Gosh, I wish I was big and important.
  13. Don't you mean smallbrownprivates?
  14. Proof that the slug only bothers looking at the pictures.
  15. Sven should pay up when one of his neue Arbeit idols resigns "on a point of principle", i.e. gets caught red-handed, hanging out the bag of a colleague, subordinate, accepts a probably never!