Should Str8Bloke be given an O2 Thief tag?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flamingo, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Yes, he is a tosser

  2. No, he is an asset to the site

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  1. Now there's a thought.
  2. Thirded
  3. Fourtherd :D
  4. Whilst he does come out with a deal of inflammatory rhetoric his rants have produced some interesting response and debate. He is obviously intelligent and articulate although his pompous nature and mocking tone don't enamour him to me. I get the feeling that he is the alter ego of a regular Arrser who is using this persona to prompt heated debate, after all, he is trying to support the military even if his high handed posts annoy. I say leave him be, for the time being anyway. I haven't voted on it though because I don't see him as a particularly positive force on this site so don't feel either option is appropriate.
  5. Now that you put it like that I must agree,
    I've voted already but I say leave him be for now,
    I have the feeling that he's a sock puppet anyway so if he annoys you just ignore him.
    He's better that the other dullards like Dashing_cnut, chubb etc.
  6. I've even started a sticky in the sticky's about this.......

    Anychance of using it?
Thread Status:
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