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Should Stedian Join his chums in the NAAFI

Should Stedian Join his chums in the NAAFI

  • Move to the NAAFI where he'll be more at home

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stay in the Mess and be able to speak freely about binning the mess traditions

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Get out of his nappy and act like a SNCO

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
As stedian has had his say on mess culture and benefits in the army in the seniors forum I believe we should have a vote on if we believe he is ideal for the Seniors mess. Please could you give a vote and a brief reason why you believe he should stay in the mess or be kicked out to the NAAFI. I believe in free speech but also believe mess traditions are vital and gives all JNCO's a goal to reach by getting into the mess and dont believe that it should be be littled.
Sorry cant seem to get his link but in seniors forum at the moment under Mess Culture and Benefits in the Army threads slagging off the mess and wanting it binned. If someone else could put the link in it would be appreciated my lap tops playing up.

One of his many statements

1.Yes i am in the Army for what i can get out of it.

2. I love opening cereal packets for stripes and crowns(i earned them with my quals)

3. Of course Cpls love me as i aint bothered about anything they can please themselves.

4. Cant wait till my kids leave boarding school and my houses are paid then i can get a decent job in civvy street and i will not need to go to the mess again. WHOOOOOOO
That your forces have retained traditions in this day and age is a wonderfull thing. Folks shouldn't be quick to discard them as it doesn't take much for such things to be lost.
Bambi said:
You've missed out a voting button:
'Move to stacking shelves at Tesco where he'll be more at home'.
I missed out on quite a few other ones aswell but didnt want to go to hell. Just waiting for some of the more senior members of the mess coming in from work. Its nearly 1700hrs so Stedian will be home from school soon. :twisted:
I would happily go to the NAAFI not only would i enjoy it better, but i would also save £400 on my mess dress if i went there instead of the mess.

Come join me in the NAAFI and we can open another cereal box and see if another crown is in it.Getting near the 12year point time for another promotion :D
I agree with Khyros, what ever you think of military traditions and the mess, they are easy to lose and you will never get them back.

The Mess is in some way’s like a union, it makes the Sgt to WO’s ranks strong. If you didn’t have the Mess, we would be split and the power that standing together gives would be lost forever.

If stedian thinks that he is better off without an organisation or an affiliation to support him in his working life he is misguided. Even in civilian life the best jobs have unions or federations to support the workers. Any job where you have no voice or no one to speak for you, eventually you get fcuked over by the management. Don’t think that this cannot happen in the forces. If we didn’t have the Mess, then god help us, the Officers would run the show. Senior ranks would be relegated to being foremen, with little power, no delegation and no respect from the top or the bottom.

This is a wider issue than loss of a drinking establishment. The Mess is the foundation that being a SNCO is built on. Take away the foundation and watch the enlisted ranks crumble.

Stedian and all those who think the Mess is a waste should take off the blinkers and look at the wider picture. The Mess was here before he joined and will be here when he leaves. Lets hope thats soon!
I would hate to think that any mess I were a member of was incapable of carrying a pillock like him. Let him have his say because I'm willing to bet that he doesn't have the balls to say these things in his mess. Don't forget 1000s of our comrades of old died to let clowns like him have freedom of speech and unfortunatel thaqt includes idiots.
Its 2007 not 1907 the mess is from a time that is best forgotten. All the fuss about a pub as thats all it is.

Most of the time its full of fat knobs as well who cant even pass the PFT. Anyway you all know that i hate the mess so why are you getting upthight and bothered about it its my opinion.

And i do pass on to my guys that the mess is a complete waste of time and that the only benefits to being a SNCO is the pay.

Well time to go for a pint in the local pub.CHEERS :D
Of course his Cpl's love him - they must know that they can only look good when compared against him. :)
Having a shit boss to carry does one's promotion chances the world of good. :lol:
I was hoping I was going to be able to get the :banned: sign out but I know you would enjoy that so we'll just have a :party: when you sign off and get your millionaires job :twisted:

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