Should RQMS only be sellected from TECH SUPP Trade?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the.toff, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. What do you think?
  2. No, there is not enough quality TSSs to fill all RQMS posts in the Corps.

  3. Should SSM's only be Elecs/Dvrs/Inst Techs?

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  4. Sellected?
  5. I wonder how many RQMS (Tech) posts there are and how many Tech Sup Spec WO2s and SSgts there really are. It would be interesting to look at the raw figures to see whether that argument is borne out by the evidence.

    The quality and quantity of Tech Sup Specs is debatable, none of us mere mortals are really qualified to give an objective, evidence-based answer, however if you're right then where does the fault lie? If the job of RQMS (T) is to be head technical storeman then logic would suggest that an experienced technical storeman would be the logical choice. If there are insufficient quality Tech Sup Specs then it would suggest that the personnel in that trade have been insufficiently trained to do the job, develop a wealth of experience, learn all the most efficient control mechanisms and develop their supervisory management skills.

    I agree that RQMS (T)s should be from the stores roster. It makes every sense to breed excellence in every one of our vocations and give the best of that trade the opportunity to rise to the top and become the senior tech stores advisor. If our stores are sufficiently technically demanding to require a specific trade then surely the top man needs to know his organisation's core business? Our RDs have a mountain of qualities, skills and experience to do with training, discipline, organisational skills and leadership but what do they actually gain from becoming the head logistics tracker? I feel that a "jobs for the boys" accusation would be unimaginative and unfair, but surely the only tangible benefit is that they learn how the stores work incase they later become a QM (Tech)? Otherwise what message are we sending across to our young tradesmen and women? "Welcome to the Royal Signals, just remember that we consider your trade so useless that we can only trust an outsider to be your supervisor, enjoy your 22 years".

    My opinion:
    RD WO2s = RQMS (M) / RQMS (A) = Yes, definitely.
    RD WO2s = RQMS (T) = No

    Yeah I know - opinions are like *********, everyone has them. But that's mine.
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