should respect members be banned from teaching?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Should people in loony left wing groups be able to poison young minds?
    pretty sure you couldn't get employed as a teacher if your a bnp member.
    Respect is a fairly dodgy organisation though like most of the British left its imploding big time as its love in with Islam comes back to bite it. :D
  2. WHat ever happened to good old Union/ Marxism left? At least they had a claim to fighting injustice. The new alliance with enviro-freaks and Radical Islam will certasinly be the downfall of the Left as we know it. All these fa ggots with there "inclusiveness" whinging and creeching are in for a big surprise when they end up in a minority position. I'm sure sharia judges will make exceptions for their sodomy, drug abuse and laziness. Cnuts.
  3. Let them all get in bed together, it just makes a bigger target.
  4. Along with a substantial number of current teachers, yes.
  5. Don't tar all teachers with the same brush!

    This was a move by only one of the unions, the NUT AKA NUTters. Their decrees tend to be of the radically loony type and tend to be ignored by the vast majority of headteachers.

    It's if the NAS/UWT or APT sign up to a similar clause that we can say that minds are being poisoned.

    I've had the misfortune to meet teachers such as the guy who proposed the clause against recruiting. They don't give a t*** about what others think, are ridiculed by their colleagues, and later go on to try to get in to politics - you wait, he'll be standing for Respect in the near future. As teachers they tend to be totally hated by the kids and end up being sacked for some kind of impropriety.
  6. Shouldn´t the teachers be teaching the kids from the sylabus, and not from their own opinions?
  7. Respect members should never be banned from teaching

    just breathing would do
  8. Yes and that mob the plastic Scottish Socialists!
  9. All part of the reason why those who can afford private education take their kids out of the state system, sadly consigning the children of those who can't to the grand, left-wing social experiment.
  10. i imagine the head teacher of that twat would be glad to see him at that conference. I think if he was my boss I'd look to fund him to do outreach in gaza.
    probably cheaper than sacking the useless kunt with the added advantage that the idf or hamas might off him :twisted:
    student politics should be left to students :( nobody in the real world gives a monkeys what nut say about iraq :(
  11. There was a case a while ago of a school trying to sack a teacher who had stood for election for the BNP. Does anybody know what happened?
  12. Respect and all their lefty mates have been doing that for years already. They're called the National Union of Teachers or the Local Education Authority.
  13. Nobody should ever be banned from teaching on the grounds of their political or religious beliefs.


    No teacher should ever allow their own feelings to come to the fore in the classroom. They should always be apolitical, and show equal respect for all religions. Despite having spent a few months short of 40 years in classrooms I reckon I can confidently say that no student has ever known what my political preferences are - and that is how it should be.

  14. 9 soldiers get pissed and have a fight in an Ayia Napa bar and everyone tars the other 90,000 serving soldiers with the same brush.
  15. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Being that Respect as a political party is a traitorous organisation,with it's well known'Dear Leader' known to consort with Britain's enemies,I think the entire membership of this"party" should be jailed on national security grounds forthwith.

    Try running a party like this in Iran,Syria,North Korea,etc(all countries that Respect members probably admire) and see where it gets you.