Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by joeblocky, May 9, 2009.

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  1. With crime out of control as that cunt blair said 'its different times now' should Plod be giving the right to torture suspects in sexual offences cases, murder and terrorism??? the law would have to be amended to allow evidance obatained from torture to be used in courts and the human rights act would have to be opted out of...

    any plod here give your views

    and what about police courts for summary offences driving, petty criminal damages, common assults etc.....

    it could take the form of.....suspect is brought to the sation for common assult and is presented to the custody sargent....plod "mr prickster was arrested for assult here is the eveidance"

    sargent "do have anything to say for your defence mr pickster"
    mr prickster "no fuck off"
    sargent "I find you guilty of the offence and sentance to you to 2 weeks in jail"

    fast, effective, cheap and leaving dishing out justice to the people who better the anyone else about it...........THE PLOD

  2. Lay off the meths.
  3. So some bloke sleeps with Mrs Plod, one drunken night, and the next day, Mr Plod's mate kicks down his door on "terrorism" charges, and hooks up the juice to his nipples.

    Nothing could ever go wrong with that scenario.
  4. Quite. You really are a piece of sperm drift aren't you?