should OTCs split when serving many unis?

This post is mainly to see if any CUOTC bods have discovered the joys of ARRSE. But on a serious note: what is going on with recruitment and OCdts travelling all over the country, time for a change of plan.
As far as I remember, Tayforth UOTC has autonomous detachments in St Andrews, Dundee and Stirling. This stops Ocdt's from having to travel to another city to train. The only downside that I heard of was that this quite often created super-cliques when on annual camp and other events where the unit was training as one unit.
Wales has a similar problem. 4 Companies at Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and...somewhere else...
Anyway, when getting together on camps or weekends, there have been some serious rivalry! I'm sure it's all fun and games in the end, but Bangor seem to be particularly aggressive! :D It wasn't a "super-clique" as such, but the companies are fairly divided on ability, and when the big get-togethers occur, the "better" people have little patience for those who aren't quite as good.
The system does work though, as it means O/Cdts don't have to travel along some barely accessible road through the middle of a Welsh valley for about 4 hours in a minibus, just to do an evening's training!
In our case it does make Force on Force very competitive, but the detachment at Norwich has to travel on weekends and has less options regarding wings. Also, given that, on the whole, OCdts in Norwich are more committed, they have to travel frequently. And super-cliques do occur, all the time!
I have to be honest, and say that I don't know a lot about CUOTC. I haven't met many O/Cdts from there on my travels!
In terms of "Force on Force" competition, my girl-friend and I went to a UAS social. For some bizarre reason, they had decided to invite members from the OTC and the Navy bit (sorry for the ignorance, but I have no idea what it's called!). Later on into the evening though, we found out why they'd invited us lowly grunts. They spent most of their time going round, saying, "I'm a fast-jet pilot you know!" Methinks it was just a hugely organised brag! :lol:
Needless to say though, we manage to grind them into the dirt on any inter-force competitions that we have. :D
Ah yes, the pilots :roll:

Don't worry, they even treat their own like shyte. I noticed that the fly-boys look down on the "Groundies" with utter contempt.

Still we used to thrash em at sports and drinking on every availible occasion though!
On a visit to RAFC Cranwell, someone raised the question, "Who's best to get friendly with on a station?" The Student Officer taking us round answered, "Well, the catering staff, the mess staff, admin, ground crew... everyone except the pilots. The pilots are the only people who aren't necessary for running the station."
ULOTC is a prime is a prime example of a unit succesfully serving many many unis, ppl come form all over SE England, sometimes like brighton well over an hour away, and its great for contacts everyone knows someone from everywhere in the SE its great, then again the thought of welsh country lanes, sheep and a long boring drive.....
the navy branch are URNU, they're deadly, and take huge amounts of pride in being the "senior service". Some of our keen beans formed "TRISOC" at Norwich uni so that we could all socialise and be friendly. Unfortunately, everyone thinks that OTC digs holes, and we all know that all the rest of them are just in it for the gay sex, so much for good feeling.
It can get boring driving to Cardiff to have a big unit get-together. Mind you, there are always some interesting fun and games to be had! As in, what can we draw on the asleep person? We once managed to draw about 20 different Kama Sutra positions on one guy's face while he was asleep! Classic! Of was only in stick figures. We're not good artists! :lol:

Have to say, don't know a lot about the Navy guys. They keep themselves to themselves, emerging only to tell us hpw terrific the Navy is. "Senior Service," etc. like Lucy mentioned. Probably better that way actually, what with all the bumming and such! :wink:
London URNU are pretty cool, laid back and not at all snobbish. Then again, there are only about 7 of them, and they have to share their building with ULAS.
going back to the topic as well, has anyone else found that OCdts from one university can be completely different to those from another? ie, Norwich and Cambridge, I'll leave it to your imagination!
So everyone from Cambridge went to Eton, speaks latin, is a closet Communist, smokes a pipe and buggers the house boy to stay warm on those cold nights in the Fens? (that's just the girls.)

Those yokels from Narrrwich (what a beautiful accent) all study sociology and live on a diet of root vegetables?

It makes fcuk all difference what uni you go to. There are plenty of posh tw@s around who think 2Lt is actually spelt GOD, and there are too many useless retards who can't control themselves let alone a plt of HM's finest. Most people are just interested in learning stuff, improving their skills and getting savagely pissed in the process.

Here endeth the lesson
Oh, bravo! Quite right! *scoff scoff* Bravo! :lol:
Well, what you have to remember zuPferde, is that if any of these useless tw@s have aspirations of going to Sandbags and joining the Regulars, they tend to be steered away from it.
Actually, comments on this guys. Is this just the case in my unit, or do a lot of OTCs make an effort to steer the useless ones away from any sort of career in the Army?
Where I am, it's not a forceful, "Get lost, go and find something else to do with your pathetic life!" It's more of a, "Well... good. But how about doing this instead?"
Is this just the case in my unit, or do a lot of OTCs make an effort to steer the useless ones away from any sort of career in the Army?
In my (limited) experience, everyone and anyone gets pushed towards a TA commission, particularly the absolutely useless ones. However very few people are actually encouraged to pursue a career. Possibly just looking for pips but trying to avoid the embarassment of filling the regs with pillocks.
Yeah, I know about the TA situation. I'm still utterly clueless as to why they put forward the most idiotic people for it though! Maybe they're hoping that (God willing) they fail the TCB, they'll get the picture and leave OTC, and never ever consider a career in any one of HM's fine forces!
Possibly just looking for pips but trying to avoid the embarassment of filling the regs with pillocks.
Possibly. There are always the odd one or two who somehow manage to squeeze through the net, but do it with all the cunning and ingenuity of some sort of diseased vermin! :D
I have only know one person fail the TCB, and he is one of the best soldiers in OTC, apparently "dull" tho, what the hell is going on there? However all most people need is a plum in their mouth and a complete lack of common sense to sail through it.
This probably contradicts my argument completely, but I've done the TCB and the subsequent course at Sandbags. I spent a few minutes a day looking at certain people, thinking, "What are you doing here?" Ok, now far be it from me to make the decisions at RCB/TCB (I'm only a grubby O/Cdt after all) but you can't help wondering how some of these clueless wonders ever slipped through the net!
I think that, wherever you go, there's bound to be some arrseholes. Unfortunately, if you haven't worked out who they are in the first two days, then it's probably you! (Bit o' good advice from the father!) :D
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