should otc be renamed?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, May 2, 2005.

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  1. to somthing like the university cadet corps?

    I think the word officer gives a lot of otc bods ideas above their stations.
    just because they are at university why is it assumed they should be officers?

    thank you for your time ladies and gents
  2. how about 'Posh, Inept and Drunken Corps'?
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    The training after the first year is usually geared towards officer training though, do you think the training should be altered as well? OCdts are expected to act as OCdts and not as soldiers or NCOs, should those expectations be changed? It's expected that most of the OCdts will leave the forces for good after 3 years of OTC, do you think the impression the army leaves with these people should be different? Ask the majority of OCdts where they rank on the military food chain and most of them have a pretty good idea, it's just the usual few that don't, and they often get "helped out" by the staff.

    Just out of curiosity CTATZ, what exactly grips your sh*t about the OTCs?
  4. You chippy b*stard....I smell, "I din't wanna be no officer while I wuz a student, yeah, coz it's much better to be a Tom and it'll mean so much more when I am an officer..." - all over you. I bet you're a frightfully serious young man.

    However, yes, to an extent I agree with you. But that's beside the point. Go and do some outside areas, serf.
  5. Initially they were University Rifle Volunteers. But then they could be used deployably. Indeed some did (Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers have a 1900-01 battle honour from South Africa).

    However a new renaming isn't a bad idea, yes Uni Cadet Corps would possibly work. But I don't think it's needed. It's only a small few who actually get ideas thinking they're officers already (whilst still Ocdts) and these few are usually straightened out by the majority.

    Out of interest CTATZ, have you ever worked with any OTCs?

    (Cheers steamy - i can admit to being drunk and incompetent, usually at the same time)
  6. unknownquality - I do think, from what I've heard and seen, that there should be a choice perhaps between those wishing to do mtq and those who wish to learn more soldiery skills (i.e gettin shat on by those who hav done mtq and want to feel special)

    what grips my shit, as you put it, about the otc is that it invests a lot of money in to a lot of people who will become officers, whilst the acf (primarily a source for the other ranks) seems to do a lot worse out of funding

    smells suspiciously like old boys school and class inequality to me ;)
  7. **** yourself sideways toff :p
  8. not gone on an otc ex, had them come along with us and met quite a few at uni and bstt courses

    most of the lads were good blokes but I dont think I could put up with johny red trousers and co.
  9. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    So basically you think the TA should have a higher profile at the university freshers fairs and there should be a system where OCdts can move to TA regiments once they've past MTQ1 for maybe another 2 years? As far as I'm aware there is nothing stopping transfers post MTQ1 it just isn't the norm. The TA may benefit from it but I don't know if the TA will like some of the raw material they get from the OTC, especially if the person will only be around for 2 years.

    I've avoided comparisons to the ACF because they're a youth organisation and not part of the army, although I won't deny the quantity of recruits they put into the system.
  10. yeah, you summed it up better than I could (maybe why youre in otc and I'm ta ;) )

    2years for TA is not really a bad thing. if they join their unit local to uni then chances are they will leave the regiment, but not the TA as a whole after 2 years. and even if they cant be deployed, 15 extra toms per company would increase the standard of training weekend. the more numbers, the less crap jobs per tom, less stag etc
  11. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Not wanting to give you my life story or anything, but I'm not OTC, and haven't been for a while. Good point about the extra bods per company though, I hadn't thought of it that way.
  12. Isn't that why as london we get calls from all over lon dist to help out with excercises? Ok from my old coy we were often short in sections, but doesn't that help make harder, therefore more useful weekends, which compared to reg excercises, lower level, but more exhausting?
  13. I avoided OTC at Uni and just joined the TA instead. Didn't do me any harm...
  14. There is a definite divide within OTC's.
    On one side you have people who should be classed as University cadets, and the other you have people who aspire to be officers and/or join the regulars. If all of the latter leave and join the TA, then the OTC as it is would cease to exist. You need the keen bods in otc to lead and teach the others.
    If all the keen beans left, then there would be no point in the OTC. Which is to promote leadership and skills amongst university students NOT to breed 100 officers a year.
  15. Exactly - OTC is there to provide leadership training not just basic soldiering skills! Those that want to learn basic soldiering skills should join the TA!
    Plus officer type training is useful for students that wish to be officers, as most graduates who go on to join the forces (with a few exceptions e.g nurses) are commisioned as officers - hence training in and officer training corps is more beneficial to them!