Should officers be taught to sing?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Excognito, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. A quote from a BBC article claiming that singing 'rewires' the damaged brain in stroke victims and allows them to communicate more effectively.

    Is it worth teaching officers to sing? Could singing ever hope to repair that amount of damage? Or should the poor things be left alone lest they develop ideas above their station?
  2. No.they are beyond help
  3. it would depend entirley on the song, and whether or not they do requests
  4. I'd like to teach my rupert to sing
    in perfect harmony
    I'd like to train it in use of arms
    and to run a company

    One I remember is
    "Fcuk off and die"
    "'Fcuk off and die' what?
    "Fcuk off and die, Sir!"
    "That's better. Show some respect, next time. Request denied."
  5. No, all an officer really needs to know is:

    1. How to buy beer in bulk.

    2. How to dress himself without looking like a complete tw'at.

    3. How to shut the fu'ck up.
  6. Do you think McChrystal has had singing lessons? Might that be where it all went wrong?
  7. I think we've just identified a training deficiency, has anyone got the forms?
  8. Nah I think they're already overwhelmed with learning to make their right arm move in time with their left leg !! :lol:
  9. It might depend on the song; in the best possible taste, I give you...

    Kinko the Kid-loving Clown

    Kinko, Kinko, the kid-loving clown
    if the kids just love me back I'll never wear a frown
    Kinko, Kinko, the kid loving clown
    if the kids just love me back I'll never wear a frown!!!

    Kinko's in his Kinko car, pockets full of change
    lots of dirty pictures and sticky candy canes.
    All the kids love Kinko for the presents that they get
    silly leather clothes to wear and happy cigarettes.

    -Hi boys and girls, my name is Kinko the clown!!!
    -Hi Kinko!!!
    -And I really love you boys and girls!!!
    Really, really....
    -But my legs get tired standing out in the parking lot handing out
    stale tootsie rolls to you rugrats, so if anyone wants to come back
    to Kinko's trailer and massage his legs, he'd really really like it.
    Really, really.....

    Kinko, Kinko, the kid-loving clown
    if the kids just love me back I'll never wear a frown
    Kinko, Kinko, the kid loving clown
    if the kids just love me back I'll never wear a frown!!!

    We go to Kinkos clubhouse, sometimes after school
    we play in Kinkos crawl space, there's never any room
    We have to sit on Kinkos lap there's never any chairs
    Kinko likes to tickle us and give us funny stares.

    -Gee I haven't had this much fun since Christmas when I got
    to play Santa Claus and all the boys and girls got to sit on Kinko's lap-
    -Mommy mommy! Kinko hurt me!-
    -But that was in Indianapolis and thanks to the liberal reciprocity laws here
    Kinko can be with you boys and girls today or anytime.

    Jimmy Johnson ran away and didn't say goodbye
    Kinko went to look for him to help the FBI
    But Kinko has some handcuffs on his eyes were full of tears
    said "I'll be back to play with you sometime in 20 years!"

    Kinko, Kinko, the kid-loving clown
    the parents wanna beat me up and run me outa town!
    Kinko, Kinko, the kid-loving clown
    tar and feather Kinko and run him out of town!

    -Bye boy's and girls!!!!
    -Bye Kinko! See you at the turn of the century!
    -Kinko really love you boys and girls!!
    Really, really....
  10. I thought the ruperts had us to do their thinking for them.
  11. Indeed. However, there are suggestions that SDR will reduce the number of other ranks below the minimum necessary to deal with all essential thoughts. Consequently, some of the simpler thoughts may have to be delegated to officers. A drastic move, I know, but we all have to do our part in reducing the national deficit.

    Thank goodness, I'm long retired - I don't know whether I could have coped :(
  12. They could all learn

    "Rupert, Rupert the bear"
  13. waste of time and money, be like teaching squaddies to read