Should National Service be brought back?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by col_kurtz, Oct 31, 2004.

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  1. I am not one of those old crust covered codgers that get wheeled out every Nov 11 and hark on about "The good old days", but the other day a saw a group lads say about 17 - 18. All looked over weight, spotty, scruffy and had a very poor comand of the English Language. I mean, they were English but spoke it in a very "Yout Culcha" manner.

    I got to thinking the effect that 4 weeks had on all those wee s h i t e s that did "Lads Army" and thought, why not bring it back. Say 2 years service, the army gets cheap labour, and it can ease up the pressure on the rest of the army in terms of commitments.

    Thoughts Please???
  2. could be the answer to "chavs"
  3. Totally! And their sorry excuse for parents should also be made to join them
  4. Reintroducing National Service - leaving aside the debate about whether or not we should do it, we'd need a lot more soldiers to actually put it into practice. After all, if we drag in however many privates each year we'll need a shedload of NCOs to train them and lead the formations they're attached to. Plus yet more soldiers to go off and do the jobs said NCOs would be doing if they weren't training chavs.

    So we can increase the size of the Army dramatically. Hmmm, there's a hidden agenda....
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Seems fair, they'd have become parents by their thirteenth birthday anyway, so they'd have loads of life-experience to share......

  6. Each unit gets a set % of National Service Men. Training NCO's are replaced by otherwise passed over regulars. Good NS men are promoted then used as instructors. some will even enlist to stay in! Well thats how it worked last time round anyway..... NS Officers anyone?
  7. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again, NS belongs in the '60s along with bad hair and crap music. Get real its 21 st century.
  9. Perhaps we should come at this at a different angle!

    Do we want a load of wnakers in the forces for two years - I certainly don't.

    Do the wnakers need a kick up the backside - Yes.

    Should the wnakers get automatically the right to vote although they have done sod all for their country or community - No (along lines of Starship Troopers).

    Why not have some form of quasi service were upon people are mandated to serve two years for the good and benefit of the country and the local community. Non service would mean no right to vote etc.

    You could put up exceptions - volunteering for Police, Fire Service, Health Care, Armed Services etc.

    This service would keep the wnakers in barrack type accommodation. Teach them basic Military values but no actual military training - i.e. square bash but not arms drill (in that the Police do square bash).

  10. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    sounds like a plan...
  11. As one who came in as a NS bloke in 1952, I can say that anything - proper Army training or Bad Boys sort of thing - would not work on NS type lines. The manner of training was something that would not be tolerated today either by the new intake or public in general. Kit thrown out of windows, put in coal bunker and mark-timed on, no redress on anything, room inspections at midnight, absolute crap food, physical training until collape in boots right from the start etc etc. The whole programme was dvised to break everyone down with no individualism or initiative and then build them back up the 'Army Way' (3 ways of doing things - the right way, the wrong way and the Army Way). Whatever might be regarded as Deepcut Syndrome was bowl of cherries compared to the methods permitted those days. I doubt if we even have any snco who could teach as the blokes did in 52 - most of them had gone through 39-45 and knew what saved lives.
    Let the useless crud fester in civvy street. Who wants them with the background and attitude they have now, who needs them - my reading is that even if we took them on they would cut down on supply of equipment to 'proper' soldiers and one or two malcontents in a squad can cause loads of problems. I'd rather they had women in the armed forces <g>
  12. I agree with OldRedCap on this one, how many training units now have been "toned down" because its to harsh for the poor darlings?
    All re-introducing NS would bring would be more little tossers who "know there rights" into the Army.
    Its the Government that needs to toughen up, if they can't find a job get them sweepin streets!!!
    No work no benifits!!
    Sick of us payin taxes for Chav cnuts!!!
  13. And I agree with Doghead.

    National Service may well have done a lot of lads a lot of good, but that isn't why we had it.

    Actually, there isn't much more wrong with society than there always has been. Young folk today are the same as they were thirty years ago (and probably three hundred years ago) - only the fashions have changed - and the same goes for the underclass. They will always be there, no matter what we do.

  14. I agree with both , I joined as a junior in `86 ok the old `uns have stood longer in naafi queues I know :D ! but it was different Army even then to what it is now.I really don`t want to be dragged through the courts for "phyiscally encouraging" some offspring of a skiving 14 year old slapper I`m not a bully in any sense of the word but it can and is a mentally and physically demanding job as we all know and I for certain needed to learn the correct outlook on life when I was 16 which of course I got!! ,I don`t envy the depot full screws these days, personally I reckon society and the goverment is to blame,until this country wakes up from the "Oh well I can`t do anything about it" mentality we are fcuked! 8O