Should MPFs write their own reports?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Born_to_dig, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. My 4th post in my first night as a member and I am starting a thred, aren't I brave.

    Is it just me or should MPF's write there own reports instead of getting there plant section commanders to write them.
    Our MPF currently has most of his PSC writing a report for jobs that probably will not happen.
    It could be argued he is 'just bringing us on' however most of us have better things to be getting on with.
    I am seriously thinking of doing my MPF course so I won't have to pen another letter report.
  2. Hi

    In my experience it pays to have the PSC do everything...then it is done correctly.

    MPF's - When on my Sect., Commanders the Senior Instructor asked the course who wanted to be a MPF....he asked one of us ( not me ) who had responded NO why we did NOT - to which he got the reply...

    " seen them and they are sh1t "

    MPF's - crapped better things!

    Says it all
  3. Can't realy argue with that exept should we not get there pay then if we [PSC] are doing there job, do recce, write report, demand materials, command the site,
  4. should the thread not be re-titled..........

    "should "mud muppets" be allowed to use crayons & paper ????"
  5. Made me smile Knocker. Don't know what trade you are but there are lots of full screws in other trades who earn the same as myself and don't have to write bone reports. Obviously there are Cpl’s who work harder than I do, maybe?
  6. Knocker there you go again giving us Plant Gods shit
    tell me was you abused by a mud muppet thus making you feel the need to put us down. Come on mate tell us we wont take the piss much...
    Most squeeks cannot wipe their own arses without the rest of the troop going " Hands on lift uuupppp "

    So stop with bad mouthing and tell us what planty fcuked you off and made you dig your own trench by hand...
  7. Ha ha 4 man battle trench by knockers 24hrs. 4 man battle trench by planty 4 mins
  8. How many knockers does it take to change a light bulb????

    100 ..
    1 to hold the bulb
    and 99 to turn the house..
  9. 4 man battle trench by knockers = correct

    4 man battle trench by "mud muppets" = fecking big useless hole in the ground.
  10. in your fecking dreams keefy.

    i do not need to do any bad mouthing of "mud muppets". i just let them do some digging that usually has the desired effect. :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten:
  11. nice one Keeffy, are you posted to the RSME by chance?
    I was hoping to get some in-put from 'the roster' but I guess they are all learning how to red pen reports!
  12. Not if they do not know the difference between 'there' and 'their'...
  13. wrong keefy, just one knocker required to hold the lamp & then the world will revolve around him. :thumright: :thumleft: :thumright: :thumleft:
  14. the "speak & spell" cannot distinguish that for them C_S.
  15. wrong keefy, just one knocker required to hold the lamp & then the world will revolve around him.
    There is a reply about being up your own ARRSE here but I am trying to be a good boy on my first night