Should moustaches make a comeback?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by taffridge, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. I was looking throught some of my old Squadron photos yesterday and I couldnt help noticing that only the very young toms and officers didnt have moustaches.

    During the eighties and early nineties you could tell what rank most people were in civvies by the bushyness of the tash, all WOs used to look like they were snorting squirrels down to the lance jacks who were going for the spiv look.

    This made life easy whilst cutting around camp, you could give bushy tash wearers a wide berth to avoid being collared for something. Some of the most fearsome b0llockings I have received have been delivered from behind a curtain of face fuzz.

    It also brings back memories of The Lord Flashheart in his pomp, as he had a massive ginger clodge on his upper lip which contained most of his aircrew rations.

    And is it just me or do ex tash wearers always look a bit strange without theirs? I look at people who have got rid and they just look a shadow of their former selves.

    All of histories scariest people have had moustaches,(Gengis Khan, Stalin, Flashy, Hitler, Barry Chuckle) So for an NCO it should be compulsary to instill some fear into their subordinates.

    Im Starting mine tomorrow
  2. sod all wrong with a bit of upper lip enjoyment.
  3. Christ no! Not only are they gay but they add ten years to you!
  4. Only time a tash looked hard was on the Sqn stick man at Depot RCT tash well trimmed and merged onto his sidies
  5. I have to admit a young Cuddles frequently sported a "SF-styley" moustache. Unfortunately it was ginger.
  6. Beards make you nails.

    Try telling Chuck Norris anything else...
  7. Taffrige,
    When you watch the bowser op trg movie, spot the good looking lad with the tash, i had to fight the birds off with a sh1tty stick, must have been the pheramones!!!
  8. Make a comeback? Mine's never been away. It's 35 this year.
  9. I always thought that they were the way forward until I turned 30 and on that particularly sorry day feeling unloved and old I shaved the bugger off.

    My father, ex Rhodesian forces, never being one to mince his words took one look when I reported to home base and said ' thank fukc for that! You looked like a bleddy Joburg traffic cop!'

    I understand this to not be a good thing.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    My Da always had one.He called it a "Womb Broom"
  11. Comeback? Absofcukinglutely!

    Out this year and the ganster (not gangsta' please note) sideburns and Terry Fcukwut hair is coming back. 'Cos I can.
  12. Ok first day of tashdom is going bad. I ruined it by shaving it, Its first thing in the morning and I'm half awake, Brush the teeth, have a shave, then swear profusely in the shower as my previous nights pledge is remembered.
    Is tash amnesia a problem for first time growers? Does it happen to ex tashers? Do they forget to shave the top lip occasionally? and what do you find under there after a 20 year tash, zits, blackheads, an old 5p piece?
    I have decided to sleep with a bit of electrical tape over my lip, to avoid tash amnesia and to get used to the look. I will also be phoning my Dad for advice as he has been sporting the Magnum look since 1981
  13. Similar to a nicotine patch, a 'tash patch? Very good. Also, if you get into the habit of shaving your nuts each morning your 'tash will flourish.
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