Should MoD Help?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Markintime, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. A group of Normandy Veterans have been turned down for a grant from MoD to visit and pay their respects.
    Should the MoD help out or not?

  2. For specific dates/anniversaries fair one but I get the feeling that every fecking uncle albert down the legion is taking an opportunity to give it the "I'm a soldier me sketch"

    FFS its 11 grand, if an organisation can't round up that for an event which by its very nature is entirely predictable they ain't very organised

    Perhaps redirect some lottery money from the black disabled transgender dwarf fund

    I'm getting a bit of media burn out from all these respect our forces...WE WANT WE DESERVE type stories
  3. I would have thought the MOD has no right to adopt the "we have the taxpayer's interests at heart" stance, when you consider their previous frittering of public money on works of art and seating.

    Time is moving on, and sadly, the veteran's associations are beginning to close down, it's not likely there will be many more visits to Normandy, and even less likely anyone will try and request public funding for such visits.

    One "last" time won't hurt, it's the least the MOD could do.
  4. In principal it would wonderful for the MoD to pick up the bill.
    Reality is that there are plenty of places the money needs spending and although £11k isn't a fortune in the great scheme of things it still buys quite a lot of bullets.
  5. I understand the concept of the MoD limiting funding to particular anniversaries.

    However, scum Brown is willing to give away millions to India a country that does not need any of our cash at all. I do not see why this lot cannot have a tiny 11 grand.
  6. I try my hardest not to be reactionary, but whilst I take on board thegimp's comment, things like this DO irritate me when one bears in mind the following:


    And I know it's a different story all together, but how much does explosion suppressant foam cost? Charity begins at home and so does governmental responsibility! :pissedoff:
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I won't even begin to respond to the nonsense about comfy chairs and works of art, it's been done to death. But as for the "one last time" - it's NOT THE BLOODY BUSINESS of the MoD to pay for this, and never has been. The RBL have run their Pilgrimage tours for many years very successfully, and there are many other charidees around, but the MoD is not a Charity, it is being kept deliberatly short of dosh as it is. Whether you care to believe it or not, that £11k would have to come from somwhere. Also - although not so likely with £11k, but it's a possibility - if HMT find the MoD is spending money on things that it's not allowed to, it can fine them that much next year - and for ever after. I've seen it happen with larger sums - the Treasury are tight as a crab's arrse with public money when it comes to the MoD, although maybe not so much when it comes to DfID.
  8. MoD is the government department!

    As DozyBint said...
  9. "....The Normandy Veterans' Association will hold a meeting at 10am on Tuesday at St Andrew's Club in Anlaby Road, west Hull, to discuss the issue....."

    I hope its more productive than the last RBL meeting I went to. The tightwads were whinging that the annual coach trip to the coast was going to cost £5, not the £3.50 they had paid the previous year... At the previous meeting they were congratulating themselves on making £34 in the raffle - my calculation was that the donated prizes were worth 5 times that, the donors would have been better off just handing over the cash. The event before - dinner dance, "tickets on the door" FFS -that the band outnumbered the punters - the Committee had failed to check how many people were planning to go and lost £400.

    I've not been back to a branch meeting since. I pay my sub and turn up to Remembrance but I'm not wasting time trying to help organise events for people who want everything on a plate, perfect and for nothing.

    - No dig at the real old timers either - most of the clowns I'm taking about are 1950s National Servicemen, still fairly fit when the bar opens....