Should Military Bands be Contractorised

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Outstanding, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Then we could have Pay as You Listen - would Scottish Bands get any bookings?
  2. Or, at least, they could hire their instruments instead of the MoD carrying the risk of ownership. That would stop that old fashioned business of playing martial music in a War Zone which must, surely, be in bad taste. The lads wouldn't then be distracted from carrying stretchers and IV packs.
  3. Then we could introduce the Internal Market, and get that mono browed t**t Galagher out to some where sandy and very noisy!!!

    Then when he gets winged, he'll have not ability to whinge as he shouldn't winge for doing his job should he!! :twisted:
  4. No. Next question.
  5. Contractorised?

    Is that really a word?

  6. no
  7. Absolutely NOT....

    where else would Regiments/corps keep all their tubby people of dubious soldiering skills and sexuality?

    They cant ALL transfer to the RLC.
  8. Of course, once the bands have been contractorised, perhaps contracting out the London pomp and ceremony would produce considerable military benefit and savings. I rather like the idea of 1st Sodexho Guards handing over to the 2nd Bn Aramark Rifles. :wink:
  9. Another not so outstanding thread from Outstanding, who I suspect is actually a woman who has 'the painters' in this week.
  10. No.*

    Best Regards,


    *N.B. this is a biased response.
  11. you bitch!
  12. Yes they can, we have space!! Corps of Drums always looking.

    Why not just contract out the whole Mil system. We could call them mercenaries, not have to worry about public opinion as wouldn't "officially" fund them, no more housing/pay/deployment complaints either.

    Either talked myself out of a job or just landed lucrative new contract not sure which. :? :wink:
  13. Now then Red you are being silly, go and play out with the others while we talk properly in here. The point is that we have now lost our Regimental Bands indeed the line above about them already being contracted to the Royal Music Corps is frightenling close to the truth. So why not just go ther whole hog and admit that they are not soldiers, save all the hassle of Phase 1 trg and employ professional musicians.
  14. OK, I'll bite.

    Certainly. Lowland TA band is excellent; Kneller Hall used to drool over them. Not only that, it used to have the highest FFR rate for any sub-unit in the Battalion (over 90%, IIRC, against an average of 60-70%).

    As for Pipes&Drums in regular Inf Bns, there's a reason why they're still around - because they're the MMG platoon. Before that, they've variously been rifle platoons and BHQ Defence Pl on the Bn ORBAT.

    When B Coy 1RS won the Warrior Sword in 89/90ish, the P&D were 5Pl, and it was the Drum-Major's wagon that had the best vehicle score...