Should Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair resign?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Do Londoner's deserve a better more zero tolorence Commissioner.
  2. without a doubt he has made the met a laughing stock
  3. Yes
  4. Not so long ago, the zero tolerance model was all the rage and was to be introduced as our salvation. Then the guy who introduced it in NY came here. I suspect his rather cowboy persona scared a few. It was not at all easy to run zero tolerance. It's introduction could well have highlighted that crime was very much the result of a certain ethnic grouping.
    So, next hobby horse grabbed as drowning man grips life bouy was the lassiez-fare Chicago model. Ah - that's very nice. All chatty. All friends together. Just like Brixton but without the pink bits. Oh - wait a minute! Seems that the Chicago system is based upon crime intelligence being provided by those who will be termed as Uncle Toms. We currently seem unable to break the walls of silence when a ethnic-centered crime occurs. Can't break it, can't persuade it to be broken and, I suspect we have tried, can't pay for it to be broken.
    The Commissioner Blair needs to come up with his own ideas. Based upon what is unique about his responsibility - the Met force and the Met area. Not some Donald McDonald franchise from a land that is so vastly different. If he cannot hack that task - adopt another US technique and run him out of town on a rail. Vey painfull.
  5. Although I have voted yes, I am sure he will take this as another example of individuals being institutionally racist on the basis that he is from the Moronic Socialist Islands (he is therefore a Socialist Moron). As such he will ignore my views totally, instead fielding a case to have me arrested for being law-abiding, patriotic and a supporter of HM The Queen (who is no doubt a dictator in his view).


    If you are rewading this Sir Ian, may I pass on my thanks for your sterling work in the last few days in ensuring that a peaceful protest in our capital city was not usurped by Islamic militants with terrorist ideals and pretensions...

  6. The guy should go. He is a complete embarressment and toad.
  7. Everytime he opens his mouth, it is only to change foot. Too political and too soft to be head plod. Sir Ian, you are the weakest link, goodbye.

    Could Ray Mallon be persuaded to return to policing and take on Sir Ian's job?
  8. Now there is a copper who could do his job.
  9. I agree, he could bust open a snouts gaffe, but what we are after here is an effective administrator and figurehead; Ray Mallon is neither...

    I have no doubt there is a highly effective senior policeman in the Met being held back from this very position right now for political reasons alone... :roll:
  10. Don't know how is doing doing with the job he took on after 'leaving' the police.
    In today's dirty tricks and innuendo world of media, his departure from police would be used to smear him into ineffectiveness. We do not need disciples of some foreign ideas. We need individuals who have learnt their trade through doing it and who know what works from practical experience and not some quasi-holiday in USA or Lord knows where.
  11. And hopefully he'll take Hugh (Brian?) Paddick with him.

    Hang about ....... Paddick's druggie boyfriend was Brazilian wasn't he?. Did he do any electrical work?.
  12. Sorry, but you missed out an option: 'Should he be removed if he doesn't resign?' - The answer to which is YES.
  13. The man is a total waste of space and should be dismissed forthwith.
  14. Here's another question: Is there any chance of him ever being removed and/or resigning?

    HELL NO.
  15. The man is a buffoon of the highest order and an embarassment