should men/gorillas get waxed??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spad, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. spad

    spad War Hero

    I'm a bit of a silver back and whilst I enjoy the extra warmth I've noticed a few ladies werent so keen on my advances once they'd seen my pelt,

    so should I get waxed or just stop being fussy with the birds and bang the mingers instead?
  2. Yes, definitely! Makes me shudder in a bad way thinking of that hair.
  3. tropper66

    tropper66 Crow

    Just find a bird who loves Teddy Bears
  4. I generally feel the same when I imagine your yawning fur coated slot opening for business
  5. NOOOO keep the hair.....there's nothing more satisfying than the agonised scream of a hairy man just hitting the vinegar strokes as you rip a couple of fistfuls of hair from tender places, just on the love-handles being the tenderest of all!!!
  6. Yawn :roll:
  7. smudge5611

    smudge5611 War Hero

    I have to say that I do believe that as the ladies tidy themselves for us,we should tidy up for them too.

    However,that is only in certain areas where she will, hopefully, be getting into close contact. No need for the full body-wax thing....far too painful for probably no extra point scoring.
  8. spad

    spad War Hero

    BB thanks for that PAINFULL memory!! we havent slept togther have we? or just lots of birds love making grown men cry in the v stroke?
  9. spad

    spad War Hero

    smudge i had the same convo with me mukka last night,
    him says "shave your pubes mate the birds love it!"
    I says "yeah look like my balding around my cock great idea"

    but i do trim just so they dont have to stop half way through deep throating me to pull pubes out,

    and no JR3 it isnt hard to deepthroat and inch ;)
  10. Nah....if you'd been engulfed by me, you'd remember it!! Its just the crying turns us on to watch you go from gurning, grunting cave man to screaming, sobbing 4 year old in a split second!!
  11. Lonza

    Lonza Clanker

    Hey we have to do armpits :omfg: , legs and naughty bits :crying:
    If we have to go through it so should you fellas.......... its only fair!
  12. Not entirely how it usually pans out, usually when the aforementioned chap has set about you with lower body shots and heel drives you can be found in the airing cupboard whispering 'its ok Mum, he's just stressed...' into a Nokia with its screen f*cked :D
  13. smudge5611

    smudge5611 War Hero

    Life isnt fair, now do as you are told woman....and i'll make you a nice cup of tea ;)
  14. Fuck'd need a bloody big airing cupboard! Not to mention snow-shoes!! It'd be like trying to kick the shit out of quicksand!! 8O
  15. smudge5611

    smudge5611 War Hero


    I agree with you. I only meant trimming, not the full monty! (That isnt right!)