Should LE Officers always be allowed back in the Sgts Mess?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Boyzie, Nov 26, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone else get sick of LE officers coming back to our mess and freeloading. They wanted a commission so they can take their sorry arses to the officers mess and drink pims.
  2. These days it's just natural career progression. Personally there are a few faces that I think are always welcome and a few that I'm glad to see the back of but it tends to be the former who turn up for a pint. If this is all there is to moan about mate things must be slow.
  3. As an ex long time member of the Sgts Mess I usually found the company of the LEs as entertaining (in the main) and more often than not interesting in hearing "when I's...." and tales of old comrades etc..Today I find it a privilage and an honour to be invited back into the Mess. I have to say however you will always get one crusty old sod who will try and lord it over the younger members of both the Sgts Mess and Junior Officers in the Officers Mess!
  4. Unless things have changed, officers need to be invited to drink in the sgts mess. I'd say a quick word in the RSM's ear would sort the problem if any officer is abusing a priviledge.
  5. True, some are welcome. Invitations are not made by the mess but are, in most cases by the RSM who will be joining their ranks in most cases. We all know the mess is not ours, its the RSM's.
  6. LEs should be allowed in the WOs' & Sgts' Mess just once every two years - when it's the turn of the Officers' Mess to visit at Christmas. Otherwise, they should stay away.

    They took the commission, changed messes and moved on.

    PS. I'm a LE officer and yes, I do miss the WOs' & Sgts' Mess.
  7. I agree.
  8. Boyzie, I'm confused as to which mess you belong to?


    Clarify please.
  9. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

  10. Look at the next picture along - submitted by Boyzie, subject "The Boys", though as has been pointed out, not all of them are!
  11. taken from another thread in this forum

    As has been asked already, which mess if any do you belong to? or are you actually an LE occifer yourself and you are that sponger. or as I suspect you applied and got turned down :wink:
  12. LE Officers in the Mess are pests. They forget that they are Officers, act like c*nts and start ordering people around. They like to lord it about, expect every f*cker to buy them drink and be impressed by their tales, most of which are some other f*ckers and when told to f*ck off or reminded about f*ck ups they made as ORs, they can't take it, get spiteful and knobble some c*nts ACR. You can't get rid of the f*ckers either. Sitting there burbling pish until stupid o'clock in the morning. Most of our officers are LEs. I hate the b*stards.

    You wanted the commission, you kissed enough arrse for it. What the f*ck are you doing back here? Trying to impress the girlies and the 10 year old Sgts? Not fitting in 'over the road'?

    Insecure c*nts. Get tae f*ck.
  13. LE Officers are officers, and unless invited in to the Sgts' Mess shouldn't come in. That is the price of getting a commision.

    Boyzie has no problems with officers taking OR's as spouses but what about ORs taking officers?

    The problem he brought up should be dealt with as many other mess have dealt with the married soldiers in the same unit/garrison, a soldier who is not eligable to enter the mess on their own merit is not allowed in.

    It is jack, it is unfair and yes, another member of the mess can invite some scutter in from down town but a spouse isn't allowed in because they are in the forces, but it is the only way.