Should LA's adult movie stars be forced to wear condoms?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by msr, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. No.

    everyone likes a good ole internal shot dont they?
  3. Who are the four trouts?

    Hoping its not Sophie evans or Tera Patrick as i'm still hoping to pump them myself :D
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Personally, I prefer the 'facial'

  5. nothing like a good creampie ! 8)
  6. Yup, a chin omelette is better than a creampie. :lol:
  7. I'm definitely against this: a good big splatty 'Spritzeschuß' is absolutely de rigeur
  8. The names from those website links are:

    Darren James
    Lara Roxx
    Miss Arroyo
    Jessica Dee
    Bianca Biaggi

    Looks like Sophie and Tera are on for a good shafting then?!

    Here's a link with pictures of the some of the leper-ridden sluts:
  9. I find it disgusting that they are incorrectly dressed, I still struggle to understand how men can exist without the penises being pierced. I removed mine once and never again, the lady in question was not impressed either.
  10. the only virus i'm likely to catch will e-mail my surfing habits to everyone in my address book.

    in the frankly unlikely event i get to dip my wick in a pornstar i shall definafely put a bag on it.

  11. I have noticed that the sight of a condom in a grot vid is much more common these days, especially in the 'reality' genre from the likes of Bang Bros. Doesn't stop them from whipping it off seconds prior to the vinegar stroke so that the young lady / milf can have a portion of gentleman's relish or a bit of ATM. :twisted:
  12. Mullet_Hunter said:

    Defeats the purpose doesn't it?

  13. Porn flicks with condoms 8O 8O

    Has PC slipped into this realm as well :roll:

    If I watch a grot vid, I want to witness everything as it should be, not ," Oh stop for a mo love, lets put his diving suit on shall we!"

    Campaign to Undermine Newage Thinking, come on folks lets get it going and keep it up and uncovered :twisted:
  14. Corporal wrote in PM
    I know that was a PM mate but not sure how I should respond to that and am duty bound to stitch you up :D
  15. Members of ARRSE:

    The above quote from MDN is false. He's just mad because his father, Mary-Anne, was outted as being the number one tranny star in Berlin. He is currently on a shopping spree as all his girl kit was lost in the recent tsunami while he was filming "Godzilla porks the natives".