Should June 27th be declared a public holiday ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by animal_farm, May 10, 2007.

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  1. to celebrate Bliars going ? (and of course his deputy Mr Blobby)
  2. Oh, I suspect the PMs press ofice are already ahead of you on this one. Of course, the CBI would protest at another lost working day, so he'll doubtless take the Queen's Birthday away to make it up.

    Not like he thinks she's relevant to his legacy, or anything.
  3. Due to a change over in PM and Cabinet it could be that Whitehall shuts down for a few days as per an election. No one in Main Building, no civil servants anywhere = Army shuts up shop aswell. Thanks Tony!
  4. Bliar has gone to far this time, I thought I recognised 27th June from somewhere its only National Veterans day, the absolute cnut, I fcuking hate him more now, the entire day especially with it been the 25th anniversay of the Falklands this year, is going to be over shadowed by him, so instead of been front page news and the main headaline on TV news it will now be Bliar leaving office, its utter disrespect to all those who have actually done something worthwhile for the country, he should change it,

    Rant over (for now)
  5. He better bloody not, best thing ever invented was the queens bday. Along with xmas, and easter and summer and all the other bank holidays we have.
  6. We deserve many more Public Holidays. Look at the rest of Europe!

    Mid-late June would help fill the gap between the two May PHs and the late-August one.

    Why not call it Waterloo Day? 18 June. To commemorate the lifting of a great tyranny from the UK and Europe. 8) 8)

    That'd do nicely . . . . . :D
  7. Of course it will be a day of National Rejoicing.

    Just like it was ten years ago when we got rid of the last one.

    And the one before that.

    And the one before that.

    And definitely the one before that.

    Just how far back do you have to go before a Prime Ministerial departure isn't worthy of a national holiday?

    I'm inclined to think back to 1955, now he was one of the good guys...
  8. National day of mourning perhaps?

    takes cover under desk
  9. Spitlock wrote :
    Oh I dont know, burning him at the stake would be a grand finale for the day,
    Ho hum ,off get some wood .

  10. In that case ill get some matches and petrol, you bring the wood and ill meet you in Victoria Square, Birmingham 27-06-07, *you'll recognise me from the foam coming out of my mouth, (and no im not epaleptic) just furious at that so called PM of ours
  11. Heaven forfend that a diary secretary should check whether any important events fall on the day chosen and if so, a new date be selected. Now if it had been National No Smoking Day, World AIDS Day or something... :roll: Cnuts. :evil:
  12. Maybe he is fully aware of how much he is hated by HM armed forces members who post on this site, and this is his way of 'giving the bird' back.

  13. Calm down Spitlock, you're starting to foam and dribble........but you're absolutely right. He's a git.
  14. no wonder this country is full of lazy farkers. everyone always bunking off and leaving all the hard work for low-paid foreigners. you'd have a holiday one day a week minimum if you lot had it your way. any bloody excuse.