Should Jack Straw Resign?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smartarse, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. From the BBC

    "A man serving a life sentence for a double murder has won a High Court victory to allow him to have cosmetic surgery on the NHS.

    Denis Harland Roberts, 59, currently in a Durham jail for killing an elderly couple in East Sussex in 1989, will now have treatment to remove a birthmark.

    The case may mean other inmates are considered for similar treatments.

    An undisclosed policy operated by Justice Secretary Jack Straw had restricted non-urgent inmate treatment.

    This included cosmetic surgery.

    But Roberts' publicly-funded legal challenge led to the previously-undisclosed policy being revealed in full for the first time last week.

    It operated despite the government publicly stating that prisoners were entitled to the same NHS treatment as the rest of the population.

    On Wednesday, London's High Court declared that the justice secretary acted unlawfully and "contrary to good administration" in failing to disclose his full policy on medical appointments. "

    Surely his position is untenable? He's exposed as a liar acting contrary to good administration.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    He is a polititian - that is part of the job description...........
  3. Yes. Next question.
  4. It's a rhetorical question - no way will he go!

    So he's a liar - have you looked at the Gobmint recently?
  5. They are all liars from all the parties so they should all resign
  6. Bit of a bone post really I suppose.

    Where's me meds?
  7. Hang on,

    Straw had "an undisclosed policy" of not allowing scrotes in prison to have cosmetic surgery at our expense. This policy was revealed in court by said scrote complaining about his human rights at our expense.

    Nah - Straw is right on this one.

    He should of course resign for all the other occasions when he has been caught out fibbing and lining his own pockets, but on this issue, he gets my vote.

    I hope the operation to remove the birthmark on the convicted murderer goes without a slip of the scalpel and that he doesn't get the flesh-eating bug while recovering on the ward.
  8. He should have had the balls to say "This is my policy". He didn't. He lied. How many other secret little policies is he running?
  9. #

    I say, steady on old chap!