Should Iran be pulled from the World Cup?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by compus_mentus, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. There is a suggestion that as a sanction against Iran for their current stance on Nuclear development, they should be expelled from the Football World Cup.

    Is this punishing the voiceless majority, or an excellent pain-free way of making the point?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I think it more likely that they will be expelled from the World.....

    No matter what the Guardian may say, the Iranians CANNOT be allowed to get nuclear weapons. And they won't.
  3. Dont think thats right, what we need to do is expel, Germany, Spain, Italy, France.................
  4. On a more sensible note, and yes I can be, is it really fair for the worlds of sport and politics to collide yet again? Individuals will make their own minds up whether to play in these games rather than be dictated to by the World Police (America). I agree that yet another unstable Nation cannot be allowed to become a Nuclear Power but is the football the right place to take the arguement?
  5. who is allowed to say that iran can't develop nuclear weapons? the "guardians of the free world" as the americans like to call themselves were not elected into that role, they took it on as THEY are the holders of the biggest nuclear arsenal so it's ok for them to have nukes but not for anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with them?
  6. I heard Jack Straw waffle about why he opposes Iran and Zimbabwe being excluded from Sporting Events on the R4 this a.m.

    Personally I am all for it, a country is in breach of a UNSCR it should be barred from all sporting events.

    It is a good punishment, why?

    Because it is:

    - Cheap,
    - Likely that the population will see through whatever the government excuse for the expulsion is,
    - It is not going to significantly affect ICC/FIFA revenues since countries in breach of UNSCR tend not have large TV audiences that sponsors what focus on...
    - Focus the mind of tourists/potential visitors, on whether they really want to be give Hard Currency to dodgy regimes..

    - Finally, they are one less banana skin for the England Cricket/Football team to slip on....
  7. Err. Ali_Gee is this a waahhhhh or what? I'll bite. Considering Irans rather interesting and exciting recent history do you seriously feel comfortable with them having Nucs? And if you argue that they should be free to have nucs because the US has nucs then are there any countries in the world you wouldn't allow them; and why?
  8. yesss a bite! cheers
  9. Hang on. We have Nuclear weapons and energy, as have US, Pakistan, India etc. You cannot hold back technology. We have no legitimate reight to stop another country doing something we do. Remember the Luddites? We are hypocritical in the extreme. If the weapon is used, then that is entirely a different matter, and would be treated that way.
  10. in all seriousness, why bring sport into politics, have sanctions yes but what good would it do to stop competitions?

    The UN has ceased top be an effective tool on the world stage because they've made too many hollow threats in the past, Sanctions weren't effective in iraq for 12 years so something with more clout is needed, knowing the middle eastern mentality we could buy the nukes off them - cheap and quick solution!
  11. Why not? The government of Iran has been significantly more stable that its neighbour Pakistan. Further it spent 10 years in a war, where it was the victim of WMD use. You will note that it did not retaliate.

    It is worth noting that the Iranians are concerned about sustainable growth. They recently introduced new fuel economy guideline for vehicles, which are more demanding than the USA. If they want Nuclear Power good on them, if they Nuclear Weapons who is to say they should not have them, Pakistan, Israel, Iran and N Korea seem to have got away with developing them.
  12. I think they should be banned from the world cup and Scotland should be entered in their place. It's the only way we will ever qualify............

    Yes a depressed Scotsman

  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Remove countries from sporting events and they will become even more isolated and make it even easier for there own propaganda machines to justify their "we must stand against oppressors" stance.
  14. Emphasis on the word EVER. Unless Iran blows up the world leaving 32 countries left
  15. Just because some other countries have them, we should allow any dodgy mullah to have them? Sounds like a plan...

    A plan leading straight to an exchange of Thermo-nuclear warheads!

    Iran, have a habit of causing instability in the region and have attacked their neighbours, sponsored terrorism and proclaimed a desire to drive the only democractically elected country into the region (Isreal) into the sea. Can you see why it would be a BAD idea to let them have the bomb?