Should instructors wear non-issued kit?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Run_Charlie!, May 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm of the opinion issued kit is fine, and it's a hell of a lot better than, say, 50 years ago!

    Should instructors (the first people seen by recruits) wear gucci kit (smocks, lowas, all that) or standard stuff?
  2. Depends whether or not they're sponsored by the makers of said Gucci kit.
  3. YES
  4. Yes - why not?

    There is also an extra element of authority about it, ie; recruits know they'll only be able to wear it when they get to their battalions.

    I can't remember any NCOs wearing their "Gucci" kit unless it was on exercise.
  5. Only if said instructors are young shapely females and the kit consists of hot-pants and very snug fitting t-shirts.
  6. In camp yes, in the field/on ranges,no.
  7. other way round pal like many battlions, in camp issue tissue, in the field what ever you like.....
  8. I'll be the devils advocate here, I am involved in training recruits and the answer is no. I do a cft in issued boots, if recruits moan then they can look at what I am wearing and yes, we are all in the same boat.
    Its for the same reason that I always carry at least the same weight on a cft. An instructor on a course for trained soldiers is in a different situation and it should not matter.
  9. Thats not being devils advocate mate. If you do a CFT in Go Fasters, and the recruits don't, then they'll think you're a jack **** when their feet are in bits and yours arn't.
  10. No personal opinion but a friend in RM explained some time ago, that it issue only in all circumstances, the reason being that replacements on Ops will be standard issue and you should be used to operating with that. And of course British military equipment is the best in the world, why on earth would you want to buy your own?
  11. it's been a long day......, but yes you're right.
  12. I am of the opion that if you have worked your nuts off to work in a training establishment (i.e course after course) then you should be allowed to wear non-issue kit in the field. In barracks the Badge would more than likely get a grip of you anyway, so it wouldn't be wotrth the extra's.

    I also believe that the wearing of gucci kit aspires the recruits into thinking that they will soon be ok to wear the same kind of kit in working units.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Any instructor worth his salt will to fitness and instruction using issue kit. At the same time they will patiently tell the blokes "This kit is what you are issued with, and what you must get used to, but it can be replaced with FAR better stuff at your own expense for field use. I recommend the following . . . . and this is where you can buy it. If you all want to muck in for decent boots, you may get a discount!"
  14. I believe I read something like that in one of Mcnabs autobiographies, during the jungle phase, where its issue kit only, due to the fact that:

  15. Should be able to wear what ever you want. So long as your boots are black and your camo kit is the same DPM material. Don't think I ever wore anything issued. I was the only guy in the unit to wear OGs (remember them) instead of denims and the rare occassion when they got ironed, they got ironed flat without creases, even on Bn muster parades when we had them.

    So long as you can carry out your soldiering skills to the required standard or above who gives a shite what you wear.