should i..????

Hello this is my first post after traling the unternet for sometime now i came upon this site.
I was wondering if i should go back in to the army as i left in week 8 of basic at atr(p) im starting to feel that theres not much out here for me and thats pritty much the reson i went in, in the 1st place i left because i was homesick, lol
OK, everyone fells homesick at some stage in basic (unless you have no home of course) leaving over it is a bit arrrse but never mind, Question is this, did leaving reset you expectations and learn from the experience or are you likely to miss vegging in front of the box watching WWF again

ask your self this simplle question, what did I miss so much that made me walk out on a career ? If its was a woman (or bloke) are you still with them, was it your Mum ? or did things just get too hard ? People who say they left becuase they were homesick usually mean "it was too fcuking hard"

See the thing is it hasn't changed, yoi need to remember that, also don't go for an "easier" corps coz frankly that doesn't exist in basic

My friend have a good fcking hard look at your self and ask you was it, is it the right thing, no-one here can or will answer that for you, if it isn't right then save yourself a world of pain, but on the other hand you will go to your grave thinking "what if"
Everyone will get homesick at one time or another mate, some recruits take a while to adjust from being away, in a new enviroment and being away from mummy and daddy, but it goes....Basically what Welly said, do you feel you couldn't adjust and it wasn't for you? If so, then ok, fair enough but if you didn't stick it out and overcome the homesickness then I think you made the wrong desicion as it's happened to us all....

Only you know what you want to do mate, and theres thousands of jobs in civi street, alot of people say theres nothing out there for me but there is....
It seems to me that if you got to week 8 of Basic, you are quite capable of finishing the course: Most of the 'mean, nasty bits' would have finished up by then. One trick we were taught was when you wake up in the morning thinking 'that's it, I've had enough', say to yourself 'tomorrow morning, I'll talk to the DS.' Always "Tomorrow, I'll quit", take it a day at a time.

Basic, by its nature, is not the 'Real Army.' It's -supposed- to isolate you from the real world: You're supposed to not have email and telephone contact with your family, it's a distraction!

But that's neither here nor there. The question isn't 'will you hack Basic'. You can, you showed it by getting to week 8 before quitting. The question is 'do you want to?' Last time around, you did not. Has this changed?

I want to go back too , I was in a similair situation I struggled at a certain aspect of my training but know I find that it is one of my strenghs I've done a year with the TA since I came out and wouldn't mind giving it another go ! I was homesick too don't know why its crap out here yes I've done reasonably well for myself since I left , I funded my car insurance got a decent job and my employer said I was the best under 21 year old he had ever employed , I owe a lot of this to the Army those 8 weeks at the ATR changed me a lot I shave every day I'm always five minutes early and generally pay more attention to detail aswell as being more organised , I know I'd find it a lot easier next time around !
well my minds set on going back now people, im going to just get my basic fitness up the re-apply i have a good job atm but i do miss the comradship that was bulit up in my old troop. i will be posting sometime after x-mas on how its all going.
Maybe you should have respected her wishes and not posted it on the forum, especially when you left her name on it.
Personal Messages are meant to be just that 'personal'.
right back on topic,
Went down the careers office last week they took information off me a copyed some papers.
They just said they had to waite to hear from glasgow.
Well all the best Shorting and this time dont let the buggers grind you down. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't always an oncoming train.

Let us all know how it goes.

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