Should I write back to my recruitment advisor?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by P-Ride, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. I had my first formal interview with my recruitment advisor and am now booked onto an AOSB briefing in November.

    The meeting took several hours and was very helpful - I have subsequently received information from my regiments of choice, which clearly he has organized for me, as well as a personally signed letter reminding me of the arrangments for AOSB and some advice.

    I've been told that sending letters of thanks to senior officers whenever they take time out to help you should be responded to with a letter - is this true in this instance?

    I feel it would be polite and appreciative, but not sure if it would look a little overkill, bearing in mind I haven't been yet.

    Would sending a note saying something like, 'Thank you for meeting me, I found the meeting very useful and feel much more confident about my briefing as a result.' be appropriate?

    Any advice from serving/retired Officers on this etiquette would be appreciated.
  2. I don't have any military experience, but a nice letter never hurt. Even if it doesn't actively do anything, it would look good.
  3. Ex orificer here: A polite thank you note can never do any harm and will immediately mark you out from the huge mass of chavs who have forgotten the word "thankyou". Proper paper. Fountain pen. First class stamp. Dear Colonel. etc. For the full Monty write to the PMC as well !
  4. Should I type up the letter, handwriting his name and my signature?

    This is how he wrote his - and how I tend to write.

    As a Lieutenant Colonel, should I just write 'Dear Colonel'?

    Also, excuse my ignorance, but what is a PMC?
  5. Hand written is the only way for thank you letters. They are in an official capacity and have typists etc. You don't ! The PMC is President of the Mess Committee (Senior Major). If you stay in a mess write to him afterwards. Food was excellent - chaps were splendid etc. Officers / Officer Candidates address Senior Officers by rank. Lieutenant Colonel is "Dear Colonel" and ends "Yours aye Rupert Duffdike".