Should I wear my wings?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by loopy21, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    Some advice needed here. I have just rejoined the TA (as a medic) and having finished my re-training am about to get posted out on Herrick.

    My previous TA unit was "them", which I left about eight years ago, so I have a nice set of sabre ibis wings which have been gathering dust at home. Now obviously I am quite proud of them, I genuinely earned them the hard way, and presumably I am entitled to wear them still (though I stand to be corrected on that). But would it actually be a good idea? Am I just going to look like a walt, wearing them in a relatively REMFy job in (say) Bastien? I have noticed that some officers who have previously done a tour with the real "them" often wear normal para wings when they go back to their parent units - is this the general practice?
  2. If your name is Jim Shortt, I wouldnt bother... Nice wah by the way
  3. Why do´t you phone them up, and ask them that know?

    They will surely know the crack.
  4. TW@
  5. Just the reaction I'm wary of! By the way, even by Jim Shortt's own autobiography, he was only in HQsqn 21, which was never a sabre squadron - it was just the admin squadron, was not para-trained, and was mostly staffed by blokes who had failed selection...
  6. Normal sketch is to wear Normal wings, and Sabre on ceremonial.
  7. Thanks - seems like a better idea, especially given the reaction here lol!
  8. If your ex one of them why are you asking the question online ? Surely your old mates would keep you right. If you have completed your RAMC (V) training surely a word on the QT with one of the experienced SNCOs would have told you protocol. If you earnt them, wear them. I know here in NI on Op Banner they were banned and ex 'them' used to wear ordinary wings as not to draw attention to themselves.
  9. Just normal ones, unless on mess kit or 2s etc. But I think the general rule is to keep a low profile even when going some where else. You know how they were earned, I think that is all that matters. Do you really need or want people asking all the bloody time how you got them?

    Just my thoughts..
  10. I reckon the RSM and CO will be fine about it, in fact they'll probably let you wear your sandy beret too, best to just turn up in them and see if anythings said.
  11. Normal wings on working dress - sabre on No .2's etc.

    I remember a medic full screw in the med centre at Colly wearing sabre wings on his working dress for a while. Few weeks later he was back to G10 for men wings. When asked why he said 'I was told to take them off'.

    Contrary to that though, my old paymaster 'Capt Cash' wore his all the time. Maybe RHIP and all that.
  12. Your name is suitable Loopy 21 !!

    I take it none of THEM will talk to you anymore, is that why you are asking an early entry for the bone question of the year competition

    by the way, didn't they want you back ??

    Funny that, isn't it.
  13. Go with what FiveAlpha says until told otherwise by your new unit

    DLB used to wear sabre wings along with a few other senior officers however as stated that was more than likely RHIP.
  14. There were a few officers on H4 who wore their's, under direction from Brig Ed Butler (credibility for the yank audience)
  15. what a pointless post, your username says it all