Should i transfer to medics?

I was wondering if you could give me some feed back .Been in Ta on
off nearly 10 years various infantry units just off to telic 3 with them.
I am a rgn genral trained pre p2k .Didnt join medical unit as never lived near one .Thinking of transferring post telic but this thread seems to
imply ta hospitials are not good enough .Should I stay with the infantry
or move ? not really after stripes pips just want to do something uselful
as i have the leadership qualties of a whelk :D
if you're a qualified nurse (general) with more than 2 years post registration then you'd (subject to passing RCB etc) join the QAs as an officer, dont worry about the leadership thing, theres not a lot of that knocking about in the QAs anyway.
word of advice, if you do join dont keep going on about 'when I was in the TA', cos not a lot of people have much respect for the TA and its boring.
Remember additional essential qualities for being a TA nurse:

- arrse the size of a barn door

- an unpleasant personality, especially when dealing with anyone not a nurse

- a total ignorance of the chain of command and everything else remotely military

may probably have to have your legs turned upside down as well :twisted: :twisted:
Woody your location says you live in Pompey and you say there are no Med units near you. What about the one in Milton next to M27!!! Join the Reg nursing cadre your powers of observation show that you should fit in well :oops:
yeah i know its their now but when i first joined up i was in another town
and when i moved to portsmouth didnt know there was a medical unit here :D so rejoined infantry
Woody, I'd stay where u unless ur after an easy life. Its a totaly different TA in the support arms - less responsibility, less professionalism, less work, less phys, more social, more beer, etc.
Polar, youve got me confused, in one breath youre telling Woody to stay where he is and in the next youre selling him the TA AMS like a silver tongued car salesman.
woody said:
yeah i know its their now but when i first joined up i was in another town
and when i moved to portsmouth didnt know there was a medical unit here :D so rejoined infantry
So what are you then a life saver or life taker?
It probably boils down to whether you want to do something other than nursing when you do your TA stuff, or whether you are happy doing the same thing in the evenings and at weekends as you do at work?

A lot of civilian medical personnel would rather drive tanks or play with the infantry when with the TA than do the same thing that they do all day at work.

You'll certainly have plenty of scope for going on Ops with the RAMC, if that's what you're after?
unless of course he joins as aqualified nurse which means the QARANC not the RAMC, even more tours. nurses and techie trades in the RAMC & QARANC must account for the majority of medals in the army :roll:
well if future of ta is gate guard in the desert after i have done it once guess i wont be keen to do it again . Guess being Infantry is starting to
bore and looking for something new to do .
life saver or life taker? depends on what mood I am in at the time :lol:
if you join the medics you could look like a proper solder by comparision :twisted:
theres probably more gucci kit to buy as well
use your qualification, join the QAs, get commisioned, earn wedges of cash.
63 Too old too spend my weekends running round whale island with a bergan and learning morse ,but then all I here is night mare stories from those who gave up on the selection for it .

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