should I take it?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Haile, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. I've worked for my current employer for almost 8 years, but for the last 5 years have been battling them in relation to my disability (bi-polar) and am at the stage where it looks like I will have to lodge a second ET claim in as many years to get them to do what they are required to do by law.

    Unfortunately I have pretty much reached the end of my tether and am not sure I am able to cope with the stress of going through the stress of fighting my employer any more.

    However they have made me an offer of the equivalent of what I pay after tax as a lump sum plus 14 weeks pay in lieu...almost equivalent to my gross pay for a year.

    Is it worth taking this money and not having to worry about money for the next 16 months, or should I stick it out and potentially get even more ill?

    I am worried about being able to find another job what with us being in a recession at the moment...but we are planning to move to NZ as soon as my partner gets her degree and fonds a job there (she is heading for a 1st in an area she has lots of work experience and which is in demand)...I am really struggling to decide what to do.
  2. Nope just a civil servant who specialises in human rights and immigration law.

    All I was looking for was a bit extra support at times when I get particularly ill, which still happens despite all the medication and therapy that has been thrown at me,

    They have used my illness as an excuse for taking me out of court earlier this year, but they haven't found me a replacement job almost 6 months later, insteadbuggering me about and now they are offering me this pay off.

    I am not keen to admit defeat but wondering if I should just take the opportunity to give something else a go.
  3. Doesn't your Dept have a Health and Welfare Unit (or equivalent)
  4. They got rid of health and welfare last year replacing it with a phone line provided by a private company.

    Problem has been that most people with MH issues don't make much noise so the knowledge amongst managers is not good and they tend to F**k things up and rather than admit making a mistake before doing the right thing continue on in the wrong direction

    Ultimately the army is to blame for where I am...encouraging independent thought and standing up for yourself :roll:
  5. In which case ring the phone line and make an appointment to see someone there, that's all you really can do in my opinion. Talk it over with them and see what they say, it may well be that you take the money and if need be do any old job in the meantime to tide you over so you don't touch your lump sum.
  6. H3

    H3 LE

    Charming bunch of c*nts you have as an Employer .... you mentioned Civil Servant , fob them off as they know they can't just get rid of you ...... speak to your HR rep and see where their loyalties lie towards staff or the service !

    If your ill though , I think after X amount of time they can go down the road of " not fit for service" etc ..... might be wrong but check it out ! they may be following procedure allready .

    Jobs are hard to get hold of these days so chin up and just carry on ..... your off to OZ so feck em and keep your job for the time being ..... lastly seek legal via

    If you do hang on DON'T tell them about OZ and when you do go then take the package offered ...... more cash for the move simples !!!

    But chin up and STOP listening to your gremlins in your head :0)
  7. Civil service ain't what it used to be,

    The other issue is that they are changing the compensation scheme in January and not for the better, possibly just before laying off a lot of people, so if I don't take it now I won't get anywhere near as much :?
  8. If this bit is correct, haven't you just thought it through for yourself? On the basis of the quote why AREN'T you taking the terms?
  9. More importantly doesn't your dept have a Union Representative?

    This sounds exactly what a union is for, if you aren't in one I Haile I'd suggest you join.
  10. Haile,

    PM sent.
  11. There is more to life than a griefy job.

    Take the money Haile, and leg it.
  12. If you have been in a "non job" for six months as they haven't found anything for you I would suggest you are on the downward slope. I would meet with them to discuss their offer and hold out for a little more. They want you to go away without the hassle and you want as much as you can get. There should be a place somewhere in the middle that suits both. Invent a training course that you fancy that takes two years and use this as leverage to get the payment you need. It gives them an out and if they feel they are helping you to retrain they mighht be able to offset it. Do not attend meetings on your own, take someone with you or if this is not possible ask permission to record the meeting for your and their protection. Lastly but most importantly don't be bullied and don't take it too personally, to them its just business.
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