Should i stay with my girlfriend or wont we last? PLease

chocolate_frog said:
jadeileigh said:
me and my boyfreind had a long chat bout it wen i wer goin in...i tried to end it becuse i felt selfish not seein him for weeks wen he could be happy with someone all ended up him wanting to be with his words...''army dosnt bother me jade, not being with you does''

MORAL OF THE STORY...if you love her then you will make it conquers all
I don't know what makes me want to vomit more.

Your drippy sentamentality...

or your command of the English language.
shut up froggy! lol love conquers all! though, not everyone thinks by this method. :(
jadeileigh said:
are you still talking?
Him and many others. Don't stress about your fella, just accept these facts - he WILL shag birds abroad, he WILL have a 'one and only' girl in every port, and every other word which leaves his mouth will be a lie, spoken with the sole intent of squeezing yet another crap shag out of you. 'tis the way of the warrior. ;)

Civvies are crap. Drippy, insecure women are crap. As a drippy, insecure, civvy woman, being used and abused anally twice a year on his return to home shores is probably the best you can hope for.


Just stick with it, its not long is it afterwards you will see her and it will be worth it
It would be easier to give you a straight answer with pictures.

Is she a tattooed, slag tagged minger or is she passable in reasonably good light? The uglier and more drawn on she is the better your chances.

Either way 12 months from now you'll have grown up and likely won't give a **** either way

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