Should i stay with my girlfriend or wont we last? PLease

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by joey105, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. Basicly i have been with my girlfriend for about 3 years and i am leaving for harrogate so know i wont see her often. I just wondered if we will last, do you have any experience of relationships whilst in the a :? rmy?

  2. How would we know if your going to last? If your going to harrogate you must be quite young still, suck it up or move on.
  3. I reckon you should give me her number so I can get some inside info for you.
  4. No-one here can tell you what to do, it's your life, it's your girlfriend, and it's your decision.
  5. Just make sure you wrap up when you're dipping all the Dogs ball yorkie lass's and don't take anything embarrasing back home to sweetness. :wink: When they let you out that is. :lol:
  6. You´re 16....

    Go for Harrogate, if it doesn´t last it doesn´t, if it does, you´ll be together when you dine out as Lt Col (LE).

    I wouldn´t worry about it. It may accelerate teh process, compared to you staying at home or may openup new relationships.

    It is all behind the mirror.
  7. Nothing lasts. One of your mates will be balls deep in her before you've been gone a week. Cut your losses.
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  8. If you feel enough for each other, it will work.
  9. Arty, stop being so harsh :D
  10. Sorry :D

    But one of them will be, bet you. Mayne two of them.
  11. One at each end...
  12. Look mon Brave, she is the girlfriend of A SOLDIER - one of gods finest. You are now A MAN. she should be proud to be your missus. trust me mon ami, she will not stray.
  13. Are you asking us to guess?
  14. Post a pic of her that will help us to decide,

    and if you can put her e mail address we can ask her.
  15. You've been with her 3 years and you want the internets advice on whether to break up with her?
    f*ck me, you must know her well, have you spoken to each other at all about this?