Should I stay or should I go now?

Kind of off the Army topic but I would guess there'd be some sound advice out there.

Been away from the Motherland for 2 and a half years. First in Oz, now in NZ. We never came away with the intention of staying away but now we are looking at going home, and wondering whether we should stay on.

Is the UK really as bad as the news makes out now? Am I a complete fool to want to even consider going home?

Any thoughts appreciated.
I rather ram angry wasps up my hoop than go and live in UK.
Stay away - four v good reason.

1. Your money won't get you anything decent in the way of property compared to NZ.
2. Jobs market here is going seriously tits up
3. Your quality of life, I would suggest, will be a lot lower here.
4. UK is going in recession and will not be an easy place for the next few years.

Visit if you want but don't move back.

From a member of move2nz...........


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I am in the Army and have just secured a posting to Germany after 5 years in the UK thank feck. My aim whilst serving is to never be posted back to UK again. When my military career ends, I will emigrate to Canada or the USA - or just about anywhere to stay out of UK unless there are some serious changes made to improve a country I no longer recognise. I would advise you not to return, you will regret it:

1. You will be taxed to the hilt (and the Government continually look foir ways to take more of your money). OK, tax - needs to be paid you say, but when you see what it goes on you will be gibbering in disbelief - the amount of tax-payers money thrown after bad causes and an over-bloated and outrageously expensive social welfare programme (which is not doing what it needs to do) is staggering and frankly shocking. And thats just one area of lunacy. No one has the balls to reform it.
2. The National Health needs reform but nobody has the balls to do it - they just keep throwing money at it which is wasted through bad practise, red-tape and incompetent mangement. (Nothing against docs and nurses - great people, but the management...). You will get lots if stats from the Government stating what a great job it has done in reform...pish.
3. An immigration policy that cannot control the influx of undesirables. I have no issue with those who come to work and add benefit to society, but the inflow of more feckless, idle ******* is staggering, and this includes hospital tourism.
4. A country where the victim is not taken care or account of because there are too many vociferous minority liberal do-gooders who are not prepared to punish the guilty to the degree they deserve.
5. An underfunded military fighting alongside decent Allies to the best of our ability and doing it well. But the Government wants defence on the cheap and this is unrealistic...
6. A country where the Government will not hammer those supporting Islamic fundamentalist terrorism within our own borders.
7. A country where being a chav, a wannbe pop star and a general talentless halfwit seems to be the general desire of the great unwashed youth. Either that or some kind of wannabe gansta rap star innit, a la Eminem. Those that do get involved in crime go unpunished and see anti-social behaviour warnings as a mark of respec (spelling intentional).
8. A police force hampered by political correctness, paperwork and judges who don't understand the country in general wants retribution against crime.
9. A country where you pay more for everything than just about anywhere else in the world...and your pension goes nowhere.
10. A country where people live in poverty because the social welfare programme does not provide enough to those who need it and wastes money on people perfectly capable of working for a living.
11. A country where the military wounded and veterans are only now starting to get the treatment they deserve because we (collective we) did something to make it happen (Help 4 Heroes and similar) and shamed the government into doing it. What a sad indictment of a morally incompetent leadership.

I could go on but imagine you get the picture...

I truly despair at what Britain has become and many of my friends feel the same. The number of them, actively researching a way out and emmigration (even those die hards who said they never would) is actually quite a sad statement. 10 years of a Labour Government - well done. I hope you are proud of yourselves you t*ssers :x

I have a number of friends who now live in the USA, Canada and Australia. Not one of them regrets their decision. The only downside is they do not see their friends and family as often as they would like, but Skype and the internet has made the world smaller...

My advice is unless you have very, very good reasons to come back and you have a serious amnount of dosh so you can lead a comfortable life here - stay where you are, you are better off.

Edited to add - You might ask why I have not jumped already. Simple answer - I still like being in the British Army, it's what I have done for many years and I'm not bored of it yet ! And it is a bastion against much of the pish that the average civvie has to put up with in many ways...
Bowmore, I hate to say this but I agree, Being Ex forces in the UK is a bit like rape, I was F****** and betrayed by my country,
I blame the media
We live in a country where hero's are treated like shite
Where slags with typist'wrist get more compo than a leggless hero
where people who are not up to there eyeballs in dept are being milked so that shave Wonkers who have been living beyond their means can keep their homes.
Where iff you defend your self against the ferrell scum you end up with a criminal record.
Where we don't know who is running the country, as all the government are saying "not me gove" about the recent outrage in Parliment

A land to be proud of
Well, I still like living in the UK and intend to stay. We may have problems but they are not unsolvable, hopefully someone with the political will to tackle them will come along. Yes, my glasses are rose tinted; how did you guess?
Cheers Guys, I didn't ask for a fooking essay Bowmore_Assasin, must have touched a nerve eh?

I guess part of the problem is I am proud of being English, to consciously decide to leave England and spend the best part of the years left to me elsewhere....English summer mornings, cricket in the park, larks on the downs etc, etc...yeah, pretty hard to do.
Bobling said:
Cheers Guys, I didn't ask for a fooking essay Bowmore_Assasin, must have touched a nerve eh?

I guess part of the problem is I am proud of being English, to consciously decide to leave England and spend the best part of the years left to me elsewhere....English summer mornings,= Rain and or hurricanes/drought or floods due to global climate change. cricket in the park = banned on H&S grounds oh and a 5 year jail term if you do it anyway, larks on the downs = none left either eaten in piesby illegal immigrants or by abandoned pet cats that have gone feral etc, etc...yeah, pretty hard to do.


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Well, you did ask... :D

Perturbed - agreed, it could all be fixed but its needs someone in power with a large set of boll*cks to do it and they would probably need to accept that they would be in power for one term as the slackers would not vote for them after their benefits get cut.

Bobling, it might seem a paradox after my essay but I am proud to be English, nay British. But as you can see, a lot of things p*ss me off and I'd be interested to read your views if you do come back.
Main complain is that it is supposedly impossible to find a good curry in Dordogne...but if you can handle that or swap curry for couscous, you are all set...
Arghh, tentatively decided to go home cos it is the only option that doesnt make the wife cry. F**k me though when I take a walk up the harbour and watch the people off kayaking, the pleasure helicopters buzzing round...the mountains in the distance...and I think "mate you'll never live in a nicer place, why go back to that shitbag that is the UK?". As I said Arghhhh.
Sorry to be late to the party. Funny that you'd be talking about this. I met an Afghan friend of mine for lunch yesterday and we talked about his plans for the future (we're in the US). The fool wants to head home and help. I convinced him to find out if there's a way for him to get a green card, serve in the US Army as an interpreter and get his citizenship after a while. That way, he'll help Afghanistan, the US, and gain citizenship that will allow him to bring his family stateside if things go completely pear-shaped. But the bottom line is that this is just an insurance measure for this chap's family, as well way for him to give back to the US, to whom he is extremely grateful. His country's going to hell and he can't think of turning his back on it. As soon as he has his degree, he's heading back there one way or another.

So, are things in the UK really that bad?

And what if now is precisely the time to leave sunnier climes and get stuck in with getting our home country out of crisis? You might lose some quality of life, but you might gain some pride from being there for your country and community when the going gets tough. It's easy for people to come together after something like 9/11. It'll be much harder with a recession that has no distinct enemies or immediate catastrophes. The UK will be crying out for 'community organizers', new politicians, public servants and other change agents. This is our chance to make a difference (again).

[steps off soap box and reactivates cynicism]
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