Should I sign up now..?!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Paulkk, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Alright fellas?

    I'm looking to sign up soon, but I'm pretty sure I'm way off in terms of fitness. Do I get my application rolling or should I shape up a fair bit first?!

    Thanks for any help in advance...
  2. get application done takes forever sometimes lol i signed up october jsut doin selection this wednesday
  3. How unfit are you???? can you run a mile and a half in 14 minutes?????
  4. Good question. IF i do sign up now will they give me a date for selection or several dates to chose from??

  5. join up now regardless of how fat you are. you will only lose it in training. Also join the SBS, they take it easy on chubby people.
  6. Yeah get the ball rolling you can make the application go as long as you want really, they wont put you through any selection until you and them think that you are ready so you have loads of time to get your fitness up. ive just handed in my application, but theres loads more to do yet, the barb, medical/Opticians forms(which take a while for some people and is of most concern really youve gotta to be spick n spank on this) two interviews, then selection more interviews, im not expecting any dates any time soon as im wanting to start basic around july august as i need to finish college first.
  7. get your application rolling mate as you can work on your fitness as you go..
    and if your unlucky as me my application has taken a year!! haha as my appendix blew up and things like that plus its a lenghty process!
    good luck mate
  8. I found that once I had applied, it gave me more motivation to train as I had a goal to aim for.
  9. Thats the reason why i want to apply now i will have more motivation and will push my self even harder.
  10. Then stop asking silly questions...DO IT, DO IT NOW !! :twisted:
  11. Id say what these guys said to me.

    If you are asking us, then no!

    But, i applied last week, my barb is in a week, after that **** knows how long im gonna be waiting!!
  12. Top-Tip: If your Height/Weight BMI thingy ain't right (about 28 or less) your ACIO won't accept your application untill it is.

    Just me then :crying:
  13. Likewise. No harm applying now & getting through the paperwork and (potential) medical form dramas that could possibly take months. Just be honest with your recruiter regarding your fitness (you'll most likely be put forward for an army personal development day anyway so the ACIO can be certain that you're physically fit to attend ADSC).
  14. Get it done. It can take a long time to process a recruit from first getting in the office door to beginning phase one, so get the meat of it out the way.

    Tescos, baillifs, and the armed forces are the only three employers that are promised to be recruiting during this credit crunch. Now, unless you want to stack shelves or fight with skint junkies in arrears with Bright House whilst trying to get a 50" flat screen telly from their council flat, go to your local careers office, get the ball rolling as soon as you can, and work on your fitness concurrent activity.

    (Edited for spelling mongness)
  15. Double post :x