Should I or shouldnt I?

Hi guys

Just after a bit of advice really. Iv been looking into joining the army now for the last few months and found your posts very informative.

I'd like to join 2RTR being from Dorset and working at ABRO in Bovi. I already have my H licence and lots of experience in driving challenger2, repair and servicing, pack change, track bashing ect, also 430, CHARRV and CET. I have considered REME but would like to experience more of a front line role.

I'm 27, and consider myself quite fit. Is this a little to old for the role ect?

My reasons for wanting to join being I enjoy working with armored vehicles, looking for a challenge, career change, fitness, travel and job satisfaction.

Anyones thoughts and advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Kev


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In the past, whenever anyone asked my advice about joining the Army, I'd advise them to do it while they can cos when they're too old, they'll regret it.

In recent years in the current climate, I have been unable to make that statement with a clear conscience.

However, you are clearly in a different situation, and, as everyone above has told you, you would be a fool not to: YOU will regret it when you ARE too old.

I was (a few days short of) 27 when I transferred out, but fitness wasn't the issue. If anything I hadn't even reached my prime. Seven years later, when I knew I had been suffering from asthma for years even if no RMO would say it to my face, I was beginning to flag.

But at 27, if you consider yourself willing and able, you can safely enter into a minimum-term engagement (which I believe is now four years) confident of still being up to the job in four years' time.

Once you get in, you can decide whether you could cope with longer and sign on.
Thanks everyone for your replys and support, It's what I needed to hear i think.

Many thanks to AlienFTM for your response, It was a great help.
My biggest fear is when it becomes to late, I know dam well ill regret it for the rest of my life.
I don't think the fitness will be a problem as im an active person with rock climbing at the weekends, cycling 100 miles a week and a 5 mile run twice a week for the last 8 months, So the 1.5 mile run in under 13 mins should be ok.

So it's time to take the plunge I think and get myself down the careers office sometime this week for a chat and finally get the ball rolling.

Cheers guys.
Hi armies,

My experience of driving challenger comes from working in a civilian roll firstly for Huntings and now at present for ABRO, Covering many miles around the ranges of Bovi and Lulworth on and off road.

Although I know from a tankies point of view this is nothing but as a civilian I think I've had more experience than most while they are trying to make the decision of joining a tank regiment and i know a little more about what im getting in to.

I think the experience you have will be valuable and may give you a head start. I think you'll enjoy life in the 'third' Cough cough.... 2nd.


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Good luck mate. Remember, when yer in, get yer arrse back in here and join in the remorseless internecine ur1netaking.

In fact, feel free to hang around until you are.
Good stuff, you're not too old. One of the guys I know here at Bovvy is 27 also, he's doing very well and his maturity counts for a lot.
Just remember that you could still be on the tank park when you are touching
40! and you will be doing well to get your commanders course before 35!
But since you work for ABRO you should know most of what the tank park side of the job entails,good luck!
Go for it mate, you are actually at an advantage joining at your age with your experience at ABRO. (I served/left the Army and rejoined at 26) It was the best thing I ever did, ABSOLUTELY no regrets. I wish you all the best mucker.

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