Should I or Shouldnt I get out?

Should I or souldn't I?

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I'm coming up to my 9 year point and feel it is time for a change, Iv been a full screw for two years and although I love being on tour I cant stand sitting behind a desk for the years between them. I feel I could do well at in a more challenging career and earn more dosh, but are there any jobs to be had?
I have some level two NVQS in communication and a modern apprenticeship in road haulage(Pants i know)
So what do you ex squaddies think? :?
reddevil99 said:
i know it is im trying to find out what its like on the other side
Great idea. Jack in the army at the beginning of a recession. Are you insane?

I completed my 22 years and couldn't wait to get out. Now I've been here for the last 5 years I can't stand it. I became a Civil Servant and a lot of them are bone idle. I did try to re-join the RAF Regt Reserves but because of my L5 S1 disc removal they wont touch me.

Stay in and make the most of the job you have. It is a regular income, safe (off tour) and an organisation which is second to none. Get more quals, finish your 22 years and get a full pension. That is the best part.

I envy you and the fact that you can still go on tour when I have to command a desk.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.
Leave the army and have to compete for a job in a public arena where there are apparently approaching 3 million unemployed. Or keep your powder dry and wait a year or so until you see how the land lies. Alternatively, if you have the offer of a dream job, grab it with both hands.
RD99, the grass is a lot greener in civvy street for some.

I think that if you have to ask for advice on this, then it may be better that you stay in. The Army is, after all, a great career, with adventure, comradeship and security such as is difficult to match on the outside.
Many civvies would give their right arms to have what you have, so don't leave just because you may be bored with routine. This is your life your meddling with.

See if there is some way in which you can inject some variety into your career, either with a change of job, taking on more responsibility or perhaps take up an outside interest.
I had a hobby interest during my time in which later I parlayed into a full time occupation and made a comfortable living from. The opportunity is there for you, look for it.

Whatever you do, don't just leave and hope for the best. That is the road to frustration and you may wind up 'stagging on' without the benefits of being in.

Good luck with your decision.
I joined the Army at 27 in 1998 and will never go back to being a civvie.
With VENG, I'll be working to age 51.
Hopefully, continuance will take me to 55 and a full pension.
What about the TA? Being an Australian, I don't know how your system works, but surely it's possible to move from the Regs to TA as a recce, if nothing else. Wouldn't the TA offer continuity of service, paid work, a base from which to investigate civilian employment options, and a fall-back position if 'the grass isn't greener'?
i would say stay . i have been out of regular service for some time but have bene uniformed throghout , if you intend to do anything but join an emergency service then i would stay put friend . i feed a steady stream of cadets forward who usually end up in service of sort , there is little else for our youth now and it would be a shame if you joined the rank and file of those with nil direction
The job market right now is death on a stick in a great many places. Friend of mine works in the construction industry which is now feeding off the tail end of the boom. By the end of this year that work will have gone with nothing to replace it and industry talk is of another 300-400,000 hitting the Dole from that sector alone.

If you look at the local papers some now have nothing but a "Jobs Wanted" section

So should you get out now? Only if you have a decent job lined up or at the very least have marketable specialist skills.
Simples. Stay in unless you have a well paid job to come out to. With the ammount of places that are/will be closing over the next few months and the projected unemployment of 3.5 million within the next year.
Stop in feller its feckin sh1te out here,very few jobs,big fat feckers everywhere claiming benefits,back stabbing workshy lazy feckers you have to work with,no decent pubs any more and if you do manage to get a job you're choked with health and safety bullsh1te rules.
End of the day it is up to you and you will have to live by your decision.

However, I would say get out. It was the best decision I have ever made - Im just pissed of I didnt get out a fair few years earlier.....

And contrary to what people have said there are plenty of jobs available. Make sure you identify what you want to go into and if the jobs are available and structure your resettlement around that. And have a fall back plan. And be prepared for not having a job immediately when/if you leave. It may take a while to get into the swing off things.

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