Should I listen to TA advice?

I'm about to start Basic Training soon. My neighbour is in the TA and keeps banging on about what to expect in Basic and it got me thinking...the TA don't go through Basic Training, or if they do, surley its not as intensive as joining the regular army? Any ideas, or should I just ignore him.
Id listern to what he says if i was you as he will have an idea,TA go through 2 weeks basic training which in theory has to contain all the training issues to arm them in becoming a soldier,so the training is more compact and less time is spent on each training a reg the training will be longer, more intense and much more time will be available on each training subject and they will also have more time to get to know a persons strengths and weaknesses. i will say this stop thinking the TA don't count as it might be a TA that saves your neck in a sticky situation as it could be a medic, driver, combat pioneer or any of the reserve forces, as when the shit hits the fan you will all rely on each other.
Its not that I don't think that the TA don't count, I think I was far more concerned with the fact that they may not be not as well trained as regulars, but in any case I guess they are trained by regulars or ex-serving regulars. At the moment he knows far more than I do so any advice would be good.

Thanks for your input.
Don't count on them not being as well trained. The TA attend the Regular Army Instructor courses and in some cases and some subject areas are higher trained than the Regualr Army. Depends on their role.
Any advice you are given is a bonus!

Take the good bits on board but any questions the best people to ask will be in your army careers office or obviously the arrsers!

good luck :)
kingpin said:
they may not be not as well trained as regulars
It's certainly true that the training courses are not as long and it is also true that the average regular after 1 year, compared with the average TA bloke (please note use of the word average) is better trained. Although this is only a factor of available time as the quality of training should be identical and, in the case of a TA course, typically is more intensive.

There are areas where it can be shown that the TA are better trained than their Reg counterparts, e.g. for a highly specialised, role-specific post, ranging across extremes of glamour from MI to Mobile Bath & Laundry. Also in terms of Logistics, the TA Regts tend to train for a specific task whereas their Reg counterparts are required to be more general to cope with a far wider variety of Operational Role (TA don't routinely patrol the streets in NI for example)
[quote="abacus (TA don't routinely patrol the streets in NI for example)[/quote]

They do, however, routinely patrol the streets of Basra, regardless of any specialist role. In fact many of my comrades patrolled to the exclusion of almost all else during their TELIC deployments (except when they inflicted some gunnery score embarrassment on their regular hosts).

Take his advice, but only if it's given on a weekend :-D
A lot of TA Guys and girls are ex regulars, or have recently returned from oversaes such as Iraq.
T.A. soldiers have to train for fitness in their own time to keep to an acceptable standard, i think the best thing you could do is borrow some kit from your friend, get out on the street and start pounding the pavement wearing his Bergan and some boots, the experience would help you a lot and you will get to see how skilled and motivated your neighbour is !
Lets hope he is not just bumping his gums and knows his onions.
Get your minerals together and get outside training started at first bright light.

Regards, RedcoatGreenjacket.
The best advice I got prior to Basic training (1987) was "Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut" but all the usual advice still applies especially be as fit as you can be before you enter the ATR, PT is still without doubt the 'hardest' part of Basics so the easier you find that the easier and more enjoyable you will find the whole experience.

And Yes I did say enjoyable I don't know any of my peers who with the benefit of hindsight would not say they thouroughly enjoyed their basic training.

It might be prudent (that's a posh word, for me) to ask him what he does in the TA, how long he's been in and where he's been.

If it's a grizzled Infantry Warrant Officer with more gongs than a thing with lots of gongs, then take heed and listen well.

If it's a remf private who's been in 12 minutes, then ignore.

If it's a trenchdodger, then ignore and give lots of abuse. :D
I defer to your greater knowledge. Thought they were classed as TA.

I suppose I am also a "part-time soldier" in a regular unit, bit different though.
Someone mentioned to borrow his bergan and such. I have bought an old cheap bergan and webbing from army and navy stores and filled with stones also wearing my old work boots, don't want to try and look too military as I believe its against the law to replicate a soldier? I started off with not too much weight in the bergan running along the beach, up and down the sandunes to the amusement of holidaymakers, not that I care. Finally building upto jam-packing the bergan as full as I can with an old sleeping bag at the bottom and bags of stones on top, I weighed it at the local P.Office scales and it was 66lb. Do I need to try more or just stick with this as I start phase 1 in under a week...should I just take it easy now by light jogging, to avoid injury?

Running with full kit and boots seems to require a different kind of fitness than running in shorts and trainers, it kills and I sweat like a pig, but feels really good at the end. I had a few minor injuries to start with, but nothing now for months, so I presume my body has become a little more used to running with full kit, I hope so.

Thank you all for your advice, much appreciated.
Take it easy when running with a bergan - you might do yourself some damage even before you get in! You won't be doing runs like that until you are well into your basic so all you need is a good standard of general fitness. Buy yourself a decent pair of running shoes and put the miles in and get your stamina up. The PTI's will take it from there.
clownbasher said:
I defer to your greater knowledge. Thought they were classed as TA.
Bollocks to my greater knowledge, it's not that great. Google the Royal Irish Regiment (official MOD site), they had (until the disbandment was announced) three recruiting sections- one for the 1st GS Bn, one for the 2,3, & 4 HS Bns and one for 4/5 Bn The Rangers (TA).

edit- interesting how the board translates "b*ll&cks" to "balls"
....and if you get advice from a Reg, TA or ex army by all means listen to it, but don't take it. make your own mind up when you see the facts for real!
Er, don't run with a bergan with lots of stones in it!!!!

You will f*ck yourself up.

Long runs, no weight, everyother day, if you feel pain, stop and rest. Or don't run.

Don't go mad, mate. You can overtrain, you can injure yourself, you will end up in the Biff platoon waiting to get fit, you don't want that.

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