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Should I let a Gwar in my home?

Got a dilemma. Just been asked if a cute young female could come and stay with me for an open-ended visit. She's bright, fun to be round, physically active and had silky hair and intelligent, deep brown eyes. Loves nothing better than snuggling upon the sofa. I've known her since about Feb, we get on REALLY well, and she always offers a smiling face and loads of attention when I'm feeling down.

Trouble is, she's also very very ginger.

So, should I accept the request to re-home Winnie the Wonder Dog (see my avatar for pic) or is canine gwarism as repulsive to the Laws of Nature as carrot-top humans?

Arrsers, please advise......
Rightful_King_of_Norway said:
'Open-ended visit' is liable for some double entrendre fun.
Not when a nice Mod drops the thread in here within 5 mins of posting - thought it had possibilities myself too, but I'm just a stinking civvy now ;)

But a stinking civvy who's just aquired the hardest dog on Arrse 8)

You'll probably share her clothes, you malingering cross-dressing, dog-shagging chatroom loiterer.
Does 'Internet Pervert Groomer' appear on your CV then?

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